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Maldives’ Culinary Delights from sunrise to sunset

Shipwreck by the seaside in Siyam World
Shipwreck by the seaside in Siyam World

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The aroma of freshly grilled tuna amalgamated with the distinct South Asian spices and a tapestry of grated coconut rice, curries, and snacks - one can never have too many options for food in Maldives. 

The islands of Maldives have everything from Western franchises to the cultural streaks of South Asian cuisine, not to mention their very own Maldivian wonders. 

This writer shares her unique experiences with the culinary delights of this tropical land and firmly believes that while visiting a new country, one must delve into the local food of that region and uncover hidden gems and cultural significance behind them. 

The best part about Maldives, in contrast to Bangladesh, is the portion size - it seems everything is double the size we get in Dhaka. We could compare based on the food we had back in Bangladesh, such as pasta, pizza, rice, and so on. 

The local islands’ food is significantly affordable, and if one is not careful, the person may be scammed into paying more for less. The private Islands’ food is marvellous and simply out of this world - one can experience the food of different other countries and cultures in their authentic form and ambience.

Maldivian Kothu Roshi

However, tourists must not visit the Maldives without trying the Maldivian Mas Huni, consisting of an array of tuna, onions, and delicately shredded coconut, along with chilis. This dish is heavily seasoned with pepper and salt and can be consumed with a Roshi (a flatbread). 

Maldivian Egg Dish

Afterwards, a light but warm cup of tea could be asked for. This writer’s favourite Maldivian food was the Kothu Roshi, a flatbread cooked with tuna or chicken along with vegetables in Maldivian style is one of the most famous go-to foods in Male city, often served with an omelette. 

This country is scattered amidst the most exquisite cerulean oceans and lagoons, making seafood items very popular and well-sought. Be prepared to be basked in food made with tuna, salmon, fish (the centrepiece of all food items), tropical beachside coconuts, fresh fruits, dishes made with fruit pulps, cooked in a multitude of ways to be grilled, smoked, marinated, or even sun-dried. 

One may go on sunset cruises and catch fish and have them freshly cooked in front of their eyes, determining the way it is cooked, the amount of spices, the way it is marinated, or even the batter is made. 

The taste of freshly caught fish straight from the heart of the Indian Ocean is truly appetizing. Oh, and don’t forget to keep yourself healthy and hydrated with the coconut water and fresh tropical fruit juices! 

Andalucia, the authentic Spanish restaurant in Maldives

While the local islands consist of almost every food item, the secluded island resorts have specific cuisines catered for people worldwide. We lived on the private island Siyam World, which had 8 different restaurants - two buffet restaurants, each with over 200 dishes! 

However, our favourite restaurant was Thakarai, an authentic Thai food mogul, attracting visitors from all over the country, and Andalucia, a famous authentic Spanish food regalia. 

The most versatile restaurant on the island was Shipwreck, the prime of Italian food served on the sandy, secluded, and intimate beach of the island resort, where we swam and dunked in pizza. 

As for desserts, there was nothing we did not try. The mango sticky rice stood out and was so much different than what we had in Dhaka! Moreover, the strawberry bubblegum shake is a must-have; it emanates a Barbiecore aura and taste. 

Last but not least, be prepared to have an open mind and an affinity towards marine life, as you will come across many distinct seafood if you visit this exquisite country!

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