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Rabbit Kebab introduces unique culinary taste in Dhaka

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Old Dhaka is famous for its centuries-old gastronomy culture and is nowadays a place of cultural sensation for the youth in Dhaka city. Beyond the renowned kebabs of Delhi, Old Dhaka boasts its own global fame, drawing food enthusiasts to its myriad kebab shops. Amidst the sizzling variety of chicken, beef, and fish kebabs, a unique contender enters the scene—rabbit kebabs.

In Swamibagh, Old Dhaka, the Cafe Boyati has become popular for its unique and crispy rabbit kebabs. However, indulging in this gastronomic delight requires patience; a day's booking is essential, and usually, it takes two hours to cook it. 

The rabbit meats are sourced from a halal-certified farm in Savar. The medium-sized rabbits are priced at Tk 1000 per kg, and their larger counterparts are at Tk 2000 per kg.

The culinary magic unfolds as the rabbits undergo a halal slaughter and a meticulous marination process in BBQ spices. The result is a succulent creation, prepared with care and perfectly grilled. 

Mr. Iqbal, the visionary behind Cafe Bayati, shared the creation of this unconventional kebab. Igniting controversy in a country less acquainted with rabbit kebabs, Iqbal persevered, emphasising their halal nature and widespread popularity in the Dhakaiya food scenario.

Curious customers often inquire about the cafe's name, and Iqbal proudly reveals its connection to his roots—the Boyati clan. This familial touch adds another layer to Old Dhaka's rich culinary heritage. The rabbit kebabs have become a sensation, drawing enthusiasts from distant places.

Many customers learn about this kebab on social media and flock to this restaurant. Although rabbit meat has a gamier and more intense flavour, customers are satisfied with the taste due to the masterful cooking process. They especially praised the well-balanced blend of spices in the meat.

Cafe Boyati has successfully carved a niche by introducing a novel item to the menu and delivering a culinary experience that transcends expectations. 

The owner, Mr. Iqbal, is content with the positive response, and his business is booming. As more and more people come to taste the rabbit kebabs, Cafe Boyati stands as proof of Old Dhaka's evolving and diverse food culture.

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