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Savouring the skies: Dhaka's finest rooftop retreats

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Elevated dining destinations provide an escape from the city's commotion and a unique perspective on Dhaka's unseen beauty. From the serene banks of the Buriganga River to the twinkling lights of Gulshan, these rooftop restaurants showcase the city in all its splendour. Whether you seek a romantic dinner for two or a memorable gathering with family and friends, these venues promise an unforgettable experience under the open sky. 

If you were looking for some names, here are some for you.

Real Thai - Sky Café 

Location: Sonargaon Jonopath, Uttara

Placed just by the Sonargaon Jonopath road and Sector 11 Lake Park in Uttara, this sky-view restaurant is a delicate location for arranging fine family day-outs. 

Platter prices range from 600 to 900 BDT. Single items consist of assortments from Thai and Continental cuisine. Decorated with radiant lighting and a soothing view of the Uttara Model Town beside the lake, Real Thai is your go-to destination on weekends with your loved ones. However, getting vacancies is an issue; therefore, it is preferred to make prior reservations.

Upper Terrace  

Location: Block J, Banani

Upper Terrace provides a stunning view of the Gulshan Lake and the Banani neighbourhood. With seating for over a hundred people, Upper Terrace is a proper rooftop venue for trying out fine Indian cuisine. This mid-range budget restaurant is perfect for hanging out with friends and family- its ambience suits both contexts. The interior gives off a countryside outlook, part of its speciality. Besides Indian cuisine, it also serves an assortment of coffee. 


Location: Banani 11 - Badda - Gulshan 1 - Poribagh

Cielo is the perfect spot to date with your partner or hang out with friends. Well-decorated with homely embellishments and comfortable furnishings, it provides the best ambience for young adults to enjoy. Cielo is mainly a café with a variety of coffees and desserts. However, it also serves continental cuisine and pizzas within a mid to high budget. 

The height of its position gives an astounding view of Dhaka, helping to escape from the monotony and distress of the streets. 

Sky Restaurant

Location: Farmgate

Sky Restaurant is a low to mid-range budget restaurant standing tall in the Farmgate area of Dhaka, close to Ananda Cinema Hall. The restaurant serves continental cuisine besides various Chinese and Thai dishes. It is an ideal spot for gatherings with friends and family alike. 

The ambience is a bit less lively, but the advantages exceed the cons, considering the price range. Affordable and well-decorated, Sky Restaurant's location facilitates sights to behold- with the Expressway in action and the restaurant just beside it.

Impetus Lounge

Location: Bir Uttam Mir Shawkat Sarak, Gulshan 

Impetus Lounge is said to be the best rooftop restaurant in Gulshan, serving from noon to evening on all days. Located on the rooftop of the Impetus Center, it also has a scenic pool area with hourly rates and membership privileges. Besides that, it serves an assortment of Continental cuisine featuring pasta, steaks, and seafood. 

Impetus Lounge requires a comparatively higher budget, but every penny spent is worthwhile with its top-notch service and mesmerising ambience. Although there aren't usually any issues regarding seating vacancies, it is usually preferred to make prior reservations. 

The Wind Lounge

Location: DIT Road, Rampura

The Wind Lounge is an exceptional restaurant that combines elegance, affordability, and versatile facilities. With its captivating rooftop seating, event hosting options for weddings and birthdays, picturesque views, mid-range pricing, exceptional employee service, and delightful decor, it offers a comprehensive dining experience that transcends the ordinary, making it a cherished destination for those in search of an enchanting and budget-friendly culinary journey. 

The Wind Lounge features a diverse menu with delectable items from Continental, Indian, and Thai cuisine.

Bird's Eye Roof Top Restaurant

Location: Paltan

This restaurant is located at the heart of Paltan in Dhaka, facilitating a 360-degree view of the entirety of this bustling city. Eye-catching views can be grasped from this location of landmarks like the Baitul Mukarram mosque and the Bangabandhu National Stadium. 

Bird's Eye is a multi-cuisine restaurant mainly featuring Thai and Continental cuisine. It is an ideal location for evening and afternoon gatherings with friends and family alike. Its budget-friendly assortment of dishes makes it even more appealing for customers to visit. Besides the ambience, the restaurant has a reputation for serving fresh ingredients and daily processing on-site. 

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