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Why should Feni's Khondol Sweet get G.I. recognition?

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Being a traditional food, Khondol Sweet of Feni embeds its stance on all ages, not only to the indigenous people of this district but to the entire country and sometimes across the border.

Secluded gust, moulded amalgam, and sleazier weight give the sweet uniqueness of other sweets prepared in different parts of the country. These characteristics make this sweet distinct, and the flavour reveals the gourmands for several years, which can bring international recognition through Geographical Indication (G.I.) for Khondol Sweet.

Geographical Indication or G.I. recognition refers to international recognition of any specific product produced in any particular region of a country, which makes the area exclusively produce and distribute that product worldwide.

Also, it propagates the ambit of the country's culture or practice on the world stage, either by patulous promotional activities or by attracting foreigners through the proprietary of the product.

Bangladesh got its first registered G.I. product in 2016 through 'Jamdani Sari'. Now, Bangladesh has 32 registered G.I. products, which vents the country's rich cultural heritage at home and abroad.

Khondol Sweet is a 50-year-old sweet that started its journey after Bangladesh's independence. Late Kabir Ahammad Patwary founded this traditional food, establishing the first shop for this sweet named 'Khondoler Patwary Misti Mela' at the Parshuram sub-district under the Feni district.

The Khondol High School at Boxmahmud Union situates it. Kabir Ahmmad Patwary named the sweet as per the local area name of that region. He hired Zogol Chandra Das from Cumilla as a cook, and it is said that the cook could make 62 types of sweets.

Khondol Sweet is a particular type of 'Roshogolla' which is famous for its palatable taste. Milk, flour, sugar, and water are the key ingredients of the sweet. One of the specialities of sweets is that they can be served hot and cold.

Khondol Sweet is an inescapable name to the people of Feni for any family or cultural occasion in the district. For its succulent taste, the people from the neighbouring districts, including Noakhali, Cumilla, and Chattogram, go to the origin of the sweet and buy it for themselves or their relatives.

After the death of Kabir Ahammad Patwary, his two sons, Belal Hossain and Amir Hossain, were responsible for directing his father's business. Zogol Chandra Das is not working in their shop now, so the two brothers produce and distribute the sweets to different places.

Amir Hossain, one of the proprietors of Khondoler Patwary Misti Mela, said, "My father first introduced the Khondol Sweet, and now it is popular throughout the country. I will be happy if the sweet gets the G.I. recognition as it will create global branding. Also, it will represent the traditional history of this sweet to the people."

S.M.T. Kamran Hasan, District Cultural Officer of District Shilpakala Academy, Feni, said, "Khondol Sweet is the native food culture of Feni, which is famous for its unique and delicious taste. The cooking procedure for sweets is also different from that of other sweets. So, I will strongly support getting the G.I. recognition, which will enhance our rich cultural heritage on the global stage."


The writer is an M.B.A. student at the Department of Banking and Insurance at the University of Chittagong.

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