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Creating an elegant home doesn't have to be expensive 

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Home is where the restive soul finds peace and the motivation to fare. All desire an elegant home, but some consider it attainable only by spending a lot. This line of thought not only limits one's aspirations and hence the home's beauty but also makes one spend in vain. Here are some tips you can use to accentuate your home sweet home:

Less is always more. The first step to an elegant home is eliminating unpleasant and unwanted stuff. There is little point in hoarding things that are no longer in use. This practice is not only detrimental to the aesthetics, but it also generates spaces for insects to grow. 

In this decluttering process, it is crucial to organise miscellaneous things together. Wall-fitted cupboards are an easy way to organise clothes and everyday items. 

If there are certain difficulties in putting it or one's living in rented housing, then a classic cupboard would do the job. 

Make sure to get perfect wood in the making. Instead of vying for popular brands, you can go to local furniture shops to get more involved in the making. A quick jack for cupboards is to get boxes to store separately. 

In terms of kitchenware, if it's possible to fit cupboards, ensure to get waterproof boards. New features like chimneys, water-shedding racks inside closed shelves etc., accentuate the kitchen's look and make your everyday chores much more accessible. If it's not possible to renovate, invest in a good waterproof rack to store appliances. 

Furniture must be taken care of, and the pieces with broken or worn-out parts must be mended. You can either varnish or paint old wooden furniture or replace them to get a modern look. 

Living rooms often host most guests, and getting them an appealing look on a budget is quite easy. One can invest in low-height cane or wood seating arrangements and make them in local furniture shops. 

To complete the look, some ethnic printed cushions or throws are the best pieces. You can get these from fashion brands like Aarong or buy the pillows and covers separately from local markets. 

Divans and monochrome sofa sets are also trendy and can be chosen to get a chic look. A bookshelf can also be added, and the due sync with the rest of the furniture will make your living room speak your style. 

Curtains are indispensable home decor pieces that can totally change your space. To begin with, you can set up the curtain rod closer to the ceilings to give the illusion of a longer and bigger space. Cooler, monochrome shades in the lighter fabric are extremely calming. 

On the other hand, heavier textiles in nude shades provide a chic vibe. Pick the ones that go with your style, and keep them clean and fresh. 

It's not important to get costly pieces for the best styling. Sometimes, even picking up curtains from Dhanmondi's street vans can give you your desired look.

You can transform your house by just giving it a fresh coat of paint. Both bright and mute colours are in trend, so you can pick the ones that suit your taste. You can go for designs, peel-off wallpapers and other alternatives to add dimension to your spaces. 

Peel-off wallpapers are available online and in local shops on Elephant Road and nearby areas. While selecting the right tones for your walls, make sure they are in sync with the furniture and textiles in the room. If you want to renovate overall, you can invest in monochromes, which will be handy in making statement pieces stand out. 

Lights are always closely tied to the soul of a space, and hence the right lighting is the most crucial aspect of your decor. Currently, many options are available, from false ceilings with spotlights to yellow lights with darker hues. You can also get lampshades and trace lights to make statement corners with individualised style. 

Shapla Chattor, New Super Market, and other local markets offer beautiful lampshades at affordable prices, while top fashion brands offer extremely elegant pieces. 

To add some freshness, you can add some plants not only in your balconies but also in your living room, dining space and even your restrooms. Often indoor plants require minimum care while flowering ones give the brightest blooms. Make sure to invest in good pots to hold them and keep the surrounding spaces clean. 

In the end, it is your individuality that can add true beauty to your space. Unabashedly express your creativity and taste; your house will surely stand out. 

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