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Exceptional activities for young people in Dhaka

Kayaking is popular to visitors in Dhaka
Kayaking is popular to visitors in Dhaka Photo : Tahsin Samin

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The streets of Dhaka are still buzzing with festive energy after the Eid-ul-Azha! Though Eid day has passed, some may still be on the lookout for some exciting ways to celebrate beyond the usual rounds of family visits and sweet treats and restaurant hangouts. So it is yet possible to put on a favourite from Eid outfits, grab some friends, and get ready to explore Dhaka like never before! Here is a list of exceptional activities that the youth may try out in Dhaka during the holidays.

Boat ride at Dhanmondi Lake: One of the most nostalgic to-do's during DhakaiyaEids must be a boat ride at Dhanmondi Lake. A core childhood memory of Dhaka residents is having a relaxing boat ride on the lake in the evening and enjoying the serenity of the reflections of the decorative lights hitting the water's surface. There are paddle boats that can be done with partners or just a partner, sometimes for fixed charges. Then, if one must, sit by one of the restaurants on the lake and have some refreshments, perhaps.

Go 'Go Karting' in courtside: Located in Madani Avenue, United City, just beside Chef's Table Courtside, there is a motorsport road racing zone, operated with open-wheeled vehicles, popularly known as a 'Kart.' This 'Go Kart Courtside' has become very buzzing among the youth for a fun and exhilarating yet safe racing experience. After Xtreme Racing in Ashulia, Go Kart is Bangladesh's second kart racing platform, and that too within the city. The cheapest package is the single race that costs Tk 600 for a ride. A single race concludes at three laps on the track which adds up to a distance of about 1.3 kilometres.

Arcading in Toggi Fun World: If someone is looking for a group activity with friends and family and is planning to let loose and be transported to the fun of childhood, then one of the best options is to spend the day playing arcade games and hopping on rides. Currently, Toggi World in Bashundhara City has plenty to offer in this endeavour. This is one of the largest vertical amusement parks in South Asia with a space of 120,000 square feet on 11 floors, keeping in mind the arcade interests of children as well as adults. With 59 arcade games, virtual reality games, and a racing zone including a flight simulator, jumping house, escape room simulator, laser tag, paintball, and bowling, there are more options than one could run out.

Kayaking at Diabari: The comparatively new Kayaking spot -- Diabari at Uttara-- has gained a number of exciting reviews in a limited amount of time after opening. The affordable thrill of rowing through the lake, with a stunning view of Dhaka's Metrorail, and the 'leftover' greens of Dhaka must have been the reason for its popularity. BD Kayaking offers a variety of options including two-seater and three-seater kayaks, all at a really budget-friendly price. For just Tk 100, one can enjoy a 30-minute session or opt for an hour of serene river views for Tk 150.

Sculpting at Clay Station: If one is a lover of arts and creativity, and wishes to spend the day doing so, Clay Station may just be the place for an exceptional experience. Those who are looking for aesthetic and customised utensils which will embellish the beauty of their home, it is a great place to explore. The master ceramists of Clay Station Dhaka are ready to shape the visitors' dreams of creative utensils and show pieces.

There are three different services available on an hourly basis for visitors. In the Pick and Paint session, one can enjoy the fun of pottery painting. Mostly children and adults who are not comfortable with clay but still want to enjoy light recreation can start with this. In the Play with Clay session, one can make different stuff according to their wish costing Tk 500 per hour. A week later, visitors can paint and take their pieces of creativity with them, which comes with an extra charge. The Throw at Wheel is available for making customised utensils.This service is open for both individuals and couples at Tk 800 and Tk 1,500 respectively for an hour.

The parks of Dhaka: After years of abandonment and negligence, both city corporations of Dhaka have revamped some of the most talked about parks in the capital. Anyone who is not looking for specific activities in particular, or just wants to spend a good time in a serene atmosphere of nature, these parks are worth visiting.

There is Ramna Park, of course, the perfect hideaway for those in need for a quick evening of solitude. With an area of nearly 70 acres, one of the oldest parks of the country, this has been a favourite for people of every age. Also, there is Gulshan Lake Park, nestled inside Gulshan-2 adorning a great space where children can run, play and fall down at their heart's content. The entrance to this park for non-members of the Gulshan society is from 10:00 am-4:30 pm.

There is also a new favourite added to the list -- Justice Shahabuddin Ahmed Park. The layout of the wooden walkway above the lake and circular water features reflects thoughtful planning aimed at enhancing the visitor experience. There is also North End Coffee Roasters and Bookworm Bangladesh bookstore inside the park.

Petting the four-legged friends: Dhaka has something for everyone nowadays, animal lovers are no exception. There are places where one can pet cats and dogs if they wish. There are Capawcino Cat Cafe in Dhanmondi 27 and Pat a Pet Cafe in Mirpur Road, where one can pet and mingle with cats to their heart's content. There are cats roaming already in Capawcino, whereas Pat a Pet lets the owners bring their cats to mingle. Both are restaurants as well.

Happy Puppy in Uttara is a multi-breed dog kennel which allows interaction with their puppies and dogs to visitors. They charge Tk 300 per hour for petting their friendly puppies and dogs.

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