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From chunky platforms to skinny-heeled boots: Shoe trends to follow

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Unlike fashion trends, the shoe tends to remain the same over time. And a good pair of shoes will last you far longer than that. Yet, specific shoe trends and designs will stand out within each category. 

Consider the category of sneakers as an example. Before about 2016, wearing sneakers with a dress, suit set or formal clothing was ignored. Dad's sneakers came back as trendy foot wears. Around the same time, companies like Nike, which focus on both sports and streetwear, experienced some popularity, as evidenced by the Nike Air Force 1. 

Finally, shoe companies that were only involved with sportswear opened the fashion foot range.

Skinny-heeled boots

For many years, platform boots have dominated the shoe fashion list, but the skinny-heeled boot has overtaken it. Black leather boots with slim heels will be the most fashionable footwear in 2023. 

Wearability is important for this style—the height of the heel shouldn't be excessively high. Instead, seek a boot with a kitten heel. With long dresses and skirts, this look is stunning.

Ballet flats

Likely, you've already grabbed your old ballet flats. If you still think they ever went out of style, ballerina flats emerged onto the Instagram world this fall as a part of the #balletcore aesthetic. 

The style is a high replica of actual ballerina slippers and appears appropriate for The Nutcracker ballet. It's crucial to remember that ballerina flats don't have to be dressed up in a literal way if you enjoy the way they look. Ballet flats go well with jeans, bomber jackets, and loose cargo pants.

Metallic footprints

You can now get shoes to match your sparkly dress, as metallics are currently having a major moment in formal wear. Metallic shoes, including boots, heels, and ballet flats, are claiming to be the new neutral. Silver goes with all colours even though it makes a bold statement. 

A metallic touch will elevate any outfit, whether you're wearing a floral dress, a black trench coat, or a sporty puffer. The knee-high boot trend is very popular right now, making them a great alternative to formal heels when you need one.

Sneakers for soccer

You need a pair of soccer sneakers in your closet to seem stylish. These shoes can be worn regularly without the intention of using them for physical exercise. Style tip: wear the sneakers with higher socks to embrace the soccer style. Don't hesitate to explore beyond the typical shades of white and black for sneakers, as this shoe comes in several shades.

Waterproof rain boot

 Waterproof rain boots are a great choice if you want footwear that is both useful and stylish. Pair these with non-rainy attire, such as an unusual sequin skirt, to achieve the full trendy look.

Running shoes

These shoes are ideal for running. Genuine track sneakers will continue to remain popular as long as sporty sunglasses are, as sport-focused fashion is still a major selling point for designers. Check out several athletic labels if you want a pair that is both useful and stylish.

You can keep any two or three pairs from these top-fashioned shoe lists. Consider the price and durability before purchasing a pair. If you want your shoe pair to last longer, maintain them well in a proper place.

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