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Herbs to keep at home

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Bringing the freshness of the garden indoors is a satisfying task when you grow herbs right in your home. Along with freshening the air, herbs can provide beautiful decorative touches for different areas of your house. With their bright greens and fragrant presence, herbs can transform the atmosphere in every space, like the living room, kitchen, dining room, and balcony. You can grow various herbs indoors with little work, no matter how big or tiny your kitchen or balcony is. Here are several versatile herbs that work well in a variety of household environments and may also be eye-catching.

Basil, mint and parsley in kitchen: You can bring a little greenery into your kitchen while enjoying fresh leaves all year round by growing basil, mint, and parsley within. For Italian recipes like pesto, salad dressings, and pasta sauces, fresh basil leaves are a must. It adds flavour to soups, curries, and stir-fries in other Asian cuisines as well. Because of its reviving flavour, mint is frequently used to flavour teas, mojitos, and lemonade. It's also utilized in various meals, such as main courses, salads, sauces, and desserts. A fresh, slightly peppery flavour may be added using parsley in soups, stews, salad dressings, and sauces.

Place it next to a window that faces west or south in the kitchen. Put little pots of parsley, mint, and basil on your kitchen windowsill with plenty of sunlight. For a uniform effect, choose complimentary or matching pots. Use pots of the same size, shape and pattern on your kitchen counter and line them up. Select elegant containers that go with the design of your kitchen, such as modern metal containers or rustic terracotta pots for a rustic feel. Using hanging planters, minimise counter space and add some eye-level greenery.

Thyme and lemongrass in dining space: With their soft and fragrant leaves, these herbs are also visually pleasing and can brighten the dining area. Thyme can be seasoned with a wide range of food, such as soups, stews, marinades, sauces, and roasted meats. Particularly in Southeast Asian cooking, lemongrass is frequently employed in food preparation to give soups, curries, and marinades a crisp, lemony taste.

Use these plants as a fragrant, organic dinner table centrepiece. Put them in an elegant basket or a colourful vase. Your dining table will seem more relaxing with a dining table lamp as the gentle light fills in the surrounding greenery. The vivid greenery from the pot decorated beside the washbasin will also provide liveliness to the area. An indoor garden looks fantastic in your home bar, on your tea counter next to some magazines, or a coffee maker.

Lavender and rosemary in Living space: Growing herbs indoors, especially in the living room, such as lavender and rosemary, may improve the atmosphere of your house with their pleasant scents and eye-catching leaves. Cooking with lavender usually involves using it in baked dishes, sweets, and herbal drinks. It adds a light, flowery touch to both savoury and sweet foods. A versatile herb, rosemary may be used to flavour various foods, such as bread, soups, vegetables, and roasted meats. Its strong, piney taste goes well with a lot of savoury dishes.

Put in a little shelf or tier stand to accommodate many herb pots, such as rosemary and lavender. This may showcase your indoor herb garden and serve as a charming focal point and conversation starter. Combine your indoor garden with toys, books, houseplants, and pictures to make a shelf that is the right size.

Combine lavender and rosemary with miniature plants or herbs to create aesthetically pleasing terrariums. A transparent glass container will make Your living space look elegant and show off the plants. The pots can also be placed on lampshade stands and corner tables.

Chive in bedroom: Growing chives indoors is a simple task that may provide your house with a pleasant ornamental feature and a fresh supply of culinary herbs. Adding a hint of greenery and a subtle onion taste, chives are a popular fresh garnish for soups, salads, omelettes, and baked potatoes.

Chive pots can be placed in your bedroom on a sunny windowsill. You may set the pots on your study table next to the lamp. A tiny pot of chives placed on your bedside table can provide some greenery to your space. The vivid green, grass-like leaves give the room a natural and refreshing touch. Besides, a chic container can be selected that goes well with the design of your bedroom. Make a little herb garden on a plant stand or a shelf. Mix chives with other herbs like lavender and jasmine that grow well indoors.

Oregano and cilantro in balcony: Both oregano and cilantro are widely used herbs that have different tastes and uses in cooking. Growing these herbs on your balcony gives you fresh ingredients to cook with and gives your balcony area a lovely, scented touch. A common herb in Mediterranean cooking, oregano is used to flavour meat dishes, pizzas, salads, and pasta sauces. A versatile herb, cilantro is utilized in many different types of cooking, such as Bangladeshi curry, Thai, Indian, and Mexican. It gives soups, salads, curries, and salsas a zesty taste.

Oregano and cilantro may be hung in little pots or baskets from the balcony ceiling or railing. This vertical layout maximizes the growing area and adds visual interest. Arrange oregano and cilantro to climb a trellis or lattice on your balcony. Secure the plant pots in place and attach a wooden panel to the wall to create a rustic plant display. Vertical gardens give your room a fantastic feeling of height. They can also help keep the herbs out of the reach of curious children and animals.

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