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Houseboats of Tanguar: Remember before you rent one

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The monsoon in the Haor areas of Bangladesh is truly an experience of its kind. Tanguar Haor, one of Bangladesh's most well-known Haors, has already gathered a reputation among tourists.

Monsoon on houseboats in the Tanguar Haor area is a magical experience; however, one needs to keep many things in mind when embarking on these experiences.

Most houseboats start from the Shaheb Barir Ghat in the Tanguar Haor area. However, you can also avail of the boats from the bank situated in the Tahirpur Upazila Sadar. As most of Tanguar Haor falls in Tahirpur Upazila and it is not as touristy as Shaheb Barir Ghat, it is recommended for tourists to go for the latter one.

It is also recommended that potential tourists get an idea of the weather conditions and the boat fares before embarking on the journey. 

The boat fares are comparatively lower in the Tahirpur area; hence, rather than starting the journey from Sunamganj Sadar, a journey from Tahirpur is recommended.

As it is not possible to start Impromptu with a houseboat, one must contact the appropriate authorities earlier to know whether a houseboat is up for the journey and, if it is, embark on a journey with it after booking. All the houseboat-owning organisations have a Facebook page, and it is better to contact them beforehand.

One also needs to know about the packages of the houseboat-owning organisations before booking them. Apart from this, the carrying capacity of the houseboats and the advantages, season, and number of travellers must be kept in mind.

It is also recommended to go through the entirety of the Facebook pages to have a comprehensive idea about the houseboats, as, on average, the houseboats have a carrying capacity of almost 18 people.

The houseboats are less costly on working days and costlier during the holidays; hence, one can capitalise on this benefit if possible. 

The cost of food on the houseboats does not vary greatly either; for two days, it is possible to get food worth 5-8 thousand taka. 

The houseboats in the afternoon are rested at the Shahid Siraj Lake, where the tourists spend their time. On the second day, after traversing through locations like Shimulbagan, Bariktila, etc., the houseboats return to Sunamganj, Shaheb Bari, or Tahirpur.

Availing of houseboats in Tanguar Haor is always a great experience; however, one needs to keep these in mind for the journey to be efficient.

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