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Maintaining a bookshelf of your own

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How tough is maintaining a bookshelf? According to Mr. Abdullah Al Mamun, a former Quincy College, USA graduate and a father of two daughters, it could be very easy if treated as a hobby. 

He maintains all the books he has read so far, as well as his daughter's academic and other books, on the shelf. 

He despises throwing books. He also prefers to keep poetry and religious literature in distinct sections on the shelf. He encourages his daughters to keep their bookcases in good condition as well. He appreciates those who keep their bookshelves in good condition.

Maleka Khatoon, a former teacher at BAF Shaheen College, comes from an affluent family. Her father, Mr. Ahsan Ullah, was the Director of EDRUC Pharmaceuticals. She stores books from her undergraduate days, others inherited from her father regarding the company's history, and others on her bookcase. She also retained her father's written personal diaries about his life in the '80s and '90s. Her bookshelf is brimming with memories and Bengali literature.

Naznin Nawaz is an undergraduate student at Stamford University. She keeps all of her literary and sketching books on her bookcases. She also has a distinct section on the shelf for her various hues. 

For instance, pencil colours, pastel colours, acrylic colours, and watercolours are in different sections. She also maintains some pencil cases on the shelf with all of her brush sets and various numbers of pencils (2B, 3B, 4B, etc.) for sketching.

A book collection is like nirvana for a bookworm. There are no hard and fast rules for organising books on a shelf. A person organises his book self based on his ideas and thoughts. It can be arranged by colour and thickness of the book, alphabetically, or categorised (genre, topic, and other commonalities).

A bookshelf is a repository for one's thoughts. It reveals information about a person's past and present. Besides the book, the collector can keep all his achievements in it. 

If science fiction is his primary interest, one may prioritise science fiction novels on his shelves. One may have read Sherlock Holmes stories and desired to be Sherlock Holmes. Therefore, Sherlock Holmes's fictions are also included in his collection. He can store self-development books as well. 

A person's bookshelf reflects his achievements, aspirations, memories, and interests. 

The bookshelf is so significant that the arrangement of the books and the shape of the shelf reveal information about his personality. 

One who assembled their books by category and colour alphabetically, from thick to thin, from big to little, from youthful over old to ancient writers. People who organise their books are usually very organised and methodical. They prefer a regulated lifestyle and prefer to have their entire day planned. Someone with a tiny and simple bookcase means that they dislike mess and prefer simple items. Even their untidy bookshelf stated that he does not care about anyone.

It is said that books are a person's best friend. So, people have loved it for ages. The love of books and the idea of collecting them are strongly involved. Devotion to books tends to collect and maintain a bookshelf. 

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