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Mawa Ghat: The cosiest day-tour destination for Dhakaites

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In an era where Dhaka's only tourist places are 'restaurants,' Mawa has become one of the most popular spots for a day tour with sudden plans for refreshment; even if it is about 40 km from the centre of Dhaka, the lesser traffic jams make the journey commendable. On weekends, one can go to Mawa in the morning and return to one's place by the evening.

The journey starts from Jatrabari or Gulistan by Ilish Paribahan and Gabtoli by Boshumoti. The destination is Srinagar of Munshiganj. Then, take an auto or Laguna to get to the spot. If you own your private transport, you may take the road of Babubajar and go through the Dhaka-Mawa expressway; crossing this expressway requires a toll fee. Either way, you will get to the spot within 2 hours (unbelievably fast if you are used to Dhaka's traffic) and enjoy a soothing environment.

When you arrive at the Mawa ghat, you will see different markets of Hilsha fish and some hotels where you may dine. As the place is near Padma, the popular choice is undoubtedly Hilsha, and here comes the tricky part. Different kinds of Hilsha fish are sold at Mawa Ghat, but people often want Padma's Hilsha and buy some other ones without having the slightest idea.

One of them, the Chandana fish, will be yellowish overall, and the fish's tail will be yellow. When the fish is cut, the inside will turn out very white, and there will be no bloodshed. The problem is, when the sellers display Chandana at Mawa Ghat, they cut the tail earlier so people do not see the yellow fish; so it would be wise to avoid buying fish without seeing the tail.

Bhola/Barishal's Hilsha fish will contain a black eye with a reddish surrounding, and the body will be a bit of a mixture of golden, silver, and reddish. This kind of Hilsha looks the most attractive and tastes best. Padma's Hilsha will also have a reddish eye, but they will have eggs. Out of all the types of Hilsha, it would be easier to recognise the Chandana for its peculiar yellow colour, as Bangladeshi Model, Actor, Presenter, and YouTuber Adnan Faruquee sums up by saying, "We, general people, may escape from buying Chandana if we want, but the other types of Hisha will continue to confuse us."

Apart from the different types of Hilsha, the most frightening event is the fake Hilsha; the Sardines and Sardinella are the most sold in the market, and it is possible to find them at Mawa Ghat.

After lunch, the time is perfectly set for a river tour; people may get into streamers and launches just to have a ride. Generally, they go as far as the Padma Bridge. If someone wishes, they may get to the other side of the river, Shariatpur, after an hour of streamer/launch journey; there are also some hotels and sellers of Hilsha.

Then, in the same way, they can return to the Mawa ghat. Recently, another tourist spot emerged in the middle of the river, a sandpit where people walk around getting off the streamers/launches. This experience ecstatically resonates with the feelings of touring a sea beach or something like that; near Dhaka, this feeling seems untrue without visiting the place in person.

After returning from the river, one may get to the stalls to experience different kinds of snacks and desserts made from milk. Apart from that, if you have a luxury budget, you may go to the 'Project Hilsha' restaurant for lunch or snacks; playgrounds and other facilities are dedicated to children. There is a 'Padma Resort' near Mawa Ghat; people may spend nights there and see the place for two days, or if you want to go for a day tour, you may go to the Padma Resort to hang around a bit by paying the entry fee.

Mawa Ghat is one of the most easy-to-arrive and soothing places to experience natural views, rivers, and other tourist spots without spending much time or money.

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