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Pocket-friendly home decoration for a newly married couple

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Newly married couples generally like to live in a nuclear family and start their journey with a moderately spacious home. Home decorating should also be new and budget-friendly for a new home and life. 

In most cases, the wedding event consumes most of the budget and savings, leaving a newly married couple struggling to arrange a moderately decorated new home. Making a wise plan for decorating the new house can help you in this matter. You need to consider your priorities and decide which part of the house needs the most decoration and which furniture is on the first of your bucket list. You may complete your home decoration gradually; it will help you to save more money and not get penniless.

A home first needs a bed and wardrobe. There are many cheaper options available in the market to choose from them. Remember, you can replace all your furniture items with better ones when you have some savings. Do not rush for the most expensive one as a new couple. Choose the size of the wardrobe according to your need. If you can afford it, try to have a small dressing table. A dressing table will increase the smartness of your room and help you to keep accessories in an organised place.

As a new couple, relatives and friends may visit your place. You need to show your hospitality skills. So you might need a dining table and chairs. Initially, start your new life with a moderate size dining table and a way cheaper one. Do not run for a high-quality wooden or glass table if you have budget issues. Otherwise, wooden tables with glass coverings are trendy options to look for. Go for the Malaysian wood one only if your budget matches your taste. A minimum of four matching chairs is necessary. You'll also need some curtains for the windows. Explore Newmarket or Bangabazar for pocket-friendly options.

If you need a dining set, one good quality set is initially enough for you. A kitchen rack can keep all the utensils and cutleries inside. If you can afford it, a small showcase can be the last option for now. You'll need a pair of sofas or a couch to spend time chatting with the guests. Again, do not crave premium quality initially. You may find some couch and sitting options cheaper than you can think. Try to avoid brand preferences and visit some local shops as they will offer much more affordable prices.

A portable table is a multifunctional one. You can serve snacks to your guests and use them for professional work. Choose all the kitchen and washroom accessories according to your need and budget. Buying one mattress for the guest to have a stayover is a good idea. A small shoe rack won't cost you much to keep your shoes organised. These are the basic requirements for a couple to start anew. The rest is up to your preference and budget.

Your home is your place, and you will find your peace here. So try to keep it simple and spacious. Some indoor plants might work big time to keep the interior fresh. Green is a soothing colour which comes at a reasonable price with plants than other decoration options. You can decorate quite well with plants and some cacti. And a money plant is a must-have. Hang some wall paintings, too, if you feel like it. Decorating the bedroom with fairy lights is also relatively inexpensive.

Overall, take your time with things that are not an absolute necessity for your daily life. Start with the basics, and the rest will follow suit once you have got over the initial burden of the wedding and other relevant costs.

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