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Secrets of indoor gardening in a crowded city like Dhaka

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Due to the extremely restricted open area in major cities like Dhaka, Chattogram, Rajshahi, etc., those who enjoy gardening find it quite challenging to fulfil this desire. The ideal choice for them is indoor gardening, allowing them to develop a garden within their own premises.

However, some rules must be followed and maintained to keep the garden vibrant and fresh. Let's look at some of the keys to creating a lovely and endearing indoor garden.

Although there is no exclusive thumb rule for indoor gardening, a few must-dos will certainly come in handy for successfully growing plants and having a healthy garden.

Firstly, we need to choose the right type of plants. This is evident that not all types of plants can grow indoors. Aloe vera, Palm Plants, Ferns, Orchids, Hanging Plants, Money Plants, Coin Plants, Silver Queen, Snake Plants, and Spider Plants are the most common indoor plants that can grow in the atmosphere inside a house.

Then comes the amount of daylight and water they need. While sunlight is essential for every plant, it is important to look after the amount of sunlight they receive. Generally, indoor plants require much less sunlight than outdoor plants to stay healthy.

Proper watering must be done daily, checking the moisture of the soil. Ensure that the pots or containers have small holes to ensure drainage and avoid waterlogging.

Apply fertilisers every 15 days to one month based on the plant's needs. However, this is important to remember that overfertilising may cause hazards to the plants.

And lastly, apply insecticides to save the plants from the attack of mini bugs and other pests, especially during winter. In cases of diseases, organic pesticides or natural remedies are recommended.

Mr Abir from Mirpur, Dhaka, shared his experience with the writer, "I used to do some indoor gardening a while ago. It was a delightful way to bring nature into my own house, as I didn't have much space to make a garden outside. It was like a lush oasis in that limited space for me."

Mr Abir planted Orchids, Begonias, Roses, Daisies, Basil, and Money Plant. This garden made him feel like a small piece of heaven was on his balcony.

"If you want to start indoor gardening, buy some good quality seedlings from a reputable nursery, plant them in a flower pot and spend 30-45 minutes watering the plants regularly and enjoy the bit of heaven you made," he remarked.

Ms Urbana from Cantonment, Dhaka, shared a few tips, "Firstly, choose the right plants for indoor gardening. For example, I have a jade, spider, money, philodendron, snake, a few species of ferns, and cycas. Also, aloe vera serves great as an indoor plant. They can grow well without excess sunlight. But need to be watered regularly."

"Some plants like spider and snake plants are known as air purifiers. Caring for the plants improves my mood and reduces stress and anxiety. They change the environment of a room and surroundings," added Urbana.

The writer talked to Pulok Ahmed from Noakhali, who shared some benefits of indoor gardening.

"A lovely indoor garden will infuse your home with some greenery and freshness. These plants are easy to keep because they require little care. You may get these plants from numerous nurseries and online stores."

"Given that there is a lack of open areas for gardening among city inhabitants, indoor gardening is becoming increasingly popular. Nowadays, people are more environmentally conscious than a few years ago. Therefore, this activity will be a productive hobby for you and contribute to a greener future for everyone."

It is said that no man is happy or safe without a hobby. The delight is increased when this pastime is combined with a worthwhile endeavour that benefits the environment. A fulfilling approach to quench the thirst for creation is through the joy of gardening.

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