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A roundup of Facebook groups for animal welfare

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Per the records of Facebook's animal welfare groups, millions of posts are regularly circulated and associated with the hashtag #fundpost. Fariha Akhther operates from a rural area in Rajshahi to aid homeless street animals, and currently, she holds no job. Tackling the economic difficulties alone is a heavy burden on her, and she often faces cruelty from neighbours who don't want her to aid street animals. She owes pet clinics, pharmacies, and pet kit shops money that contributed to helping the helpless animals she rescued.

Talha is a university graduate who regularly organizes events that encourage and collect extra clothing, tools, money and food packages for people living in the rural countryside of Bangladesh. Noshin works as a software developer and saves her money to care for the pets she has in her house. However, they all agree that working with animal welfare causes that extend outside of their in-house pets requires an abundance of money up to a sufficient extent. Thus, there is a need to find charity organizations to spread the act of humanity.

There are plenty of Facebook groups working for the welfare of animals.

Animal Rights Coalition Bangladesh

A Facebook group with around 112,000 members, this community encourages spreading love for animals and rescuing those in urgent need. The group actively shares updates about lost pets, raises funds for stray animals without homes, and provides medical treatment for injured animals. They also promote the adoption of animals and share breeding information to help ensure the well-being of all animals. The group fosters a caring and supportive environment for both pets and strays by spreading acts of service.

Animal Rescuers Bangladesh (ARB) 

The group is born of compassion and a sense of the nobility of humanitarian services to rescue hurt, injured animals in critical condition. The noble initiative of rescuing animals and offering stable grooming was a step by Tia Chowdhury, a well-known animal welfare activist in Bangladesh.

Tia strongly advocates for the active involvement of individuals from all walks of life to support and aid injured animals. The group undertakes the rescue of stray animals, providing them with necessary medical treatment and care.

They ensure that each animal receives comprehensive care until they recover to a healthy and fully functioning state. By offering their relentless efforts, they aim to improve the lives of vulnerable stray or lost animals and inspire a community of compassionate supporters.

ওদের জন্য স্বেচ্ছাশ্রম Hope of Voiceless

Consisting of 30,000 members, this Facebook group is passionately committed to advocating for charity work on a personal level. The group actively rescues, feeds, and cares for stray animals through the dedicated efforts of volunteers representing the organization. These volunteers work tirelessly to ensure that animals in need receive the attention and care they deserve.

In addition to direct rescue efforts, the group encourages its members to participate in fundraising activities, make donations, and host treatment sessions for injured animals.

They also promote the adoption of rescued animals, helping to find them loving and permanent homes. By fostering a community of compassionate individuals, the group aims to improve the lives of stray animals and ensure they see better, safer destinations away from the hardships of street life.

PAW Foundation (People for Animal Welfare) 

Consisting of dedicated volunteers, the PAW Foundation (People for Animal Welfare Foundation) tirelessly works towards the welfare of street animals.

The foundation actively rescues, treats, and rehabilitates injured or sick animals, often providing on-the-spot medical care despite challenging conditions. They encourage donations and fundraising to sustain their operations, and their members regularly participate in awareness campaigns and community outreach programs.

The foundation also promotes adoptions, aiming to find safe and loving homes for rescued animals, and engages the public in their mission to save and protect animal lives.

Cat Society of Bangladesh

While primarily focused on cats, this group also advocates for the welfare of all needy animals. The group's main activities include breeding, rescuing, adopting, and treating cats, ensuring they receive the best care and find loving homes.

Members of the group actively share valuable information to promote a healthy lifestyle for cats, covering essential topics like nutrition, health care, and behaviour.

Beyond its feline focus, the group is crucial in raising funds for various animal welfare causes supporting initiatives that benefit animals in distress.

It encourages members to engage personally, fostering a community where individuals are motivated to help animals anytime, anywhere. The group supports cats and contributes to the broader animal welfare mission through these efforts.

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