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Explore the natural parks around you in Dhaka

These parks provide peaceful areas for rest, enjoyment, fitness and connecting with nature, offering a break from the rush of daily life.
These parks provide peaceful areas for rest, enjoyment, fitness and connecting with nature, offering a break from the rush of daily life.

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The vibrant city of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, is linked to several natural parks that act as greenery despite the city's evolution. These parks provide peaceful areas for rest, enjoyment, fitness and connecting with nature, offering a break from the rush of daily life. Here are the five natural parks inside the city worth exploring.

Ramna Park:

Ramna Park, often known as the 'Green Lung' of Dhaka, is a timeless place of beauty and charm. Adjacent to the Shahbagh neighbourhood. It is spanning more than 68 acres of verdant land. 

One of Dhaka's oldest and most well-liked natural parks is Ramna Park. This park is a treasured escape for fitness enthusiasts and nature lovers. Its tall trees, colourful flower beds, and winding walkways provide a lovely environment for walks, early morning runs, or just taking in the beauty of the natural world. 

A beautiful lake at the park's heart reflects the surrounding greenery and the sky above. A lovely bridge that spans the calm waterways provides a peaceful viewpoint to take in the scenery and maybe even take the ideal photo of nature's beauty. 

Justice Shahabuddin Ahmed Park

Justice Shahabuddin Ahmed Park, located near Gulshan 2, Dhaka, is a monument to peace and scenic beauty. It is one of the most organized and beautiful parks in Dhaka city. 

The park, named after the renowned jurist and former Chief Justice of Bangladesh, has well-maintained grass, shaded trees, and a charming lake with a water show. 

The park's trails wind through green plants, providing opportunities for reflection and peace of mind in the middle of a busy town. It has wide pathways, outdoor gym equipment like Stationary Bicycles, pull-up bars, sit-up benches, leg press machines, a basketball court, a badminton court, and a corner for children with a swing, climbing structure, and sliding. 

This park has a renowned coffee shop called 'North End Coffee Roasters'. Besides, a small tea stall called 'Gram Cha' serves various kinds of tea. This park also has an aesthetic and calm bookshop named 'Bookworm'. This park is truly a package of everything and vibrant in every possible way.

Shahid Fazle Rabbi Park:

Located in the centre of Niketon, Dhaka, Shahid Fazle Rabbi Park is named after the revered journalist and martyr and is a relaxing haven that provides a break from the chaotic life. 

A broad pathway with cosy benches covered by beautiful trees greets you as you arrive, taking you into a serene atmosphere. The vivid colours of the Krishnachura blossoms give the surroundings a burst of brightness.

A designated jogging path winds through the park, providing fitness lovers with a refreshing workout among the gorgeous beauty of nature. An artificial bridge crosses a water body, and a structure like a mountain offers an attractive focal point. 

Mohammadpur Iqbal Road Field

In the heart of the crowded Mohammadpur neighbourhood, Iqbal Road Park is a paradise for families and outdoor enthusiasts. There's lots of open space, sports, and leisurely walks. 

There is a large field at this park. A path designated for walking and running circles, this central field allows visitors to get outside and enjoy the scenery while working out. A portion of the area next to the walking track has outdoor gym equipment like a rowing machine, sit-up benches, and a leg press machine, allowing fitness freaks to tone and strengthen while enjoying the fresh air and lush surroundings. 

Besides, a distinct area with colourful swings, giant slides, and an exciting climbing framework favours families, guaranteeing hours of fun and laughter for kids of all ages. Mohammadpur Iqbal Road Park is the centre of communal harmony, drawing residents and visitors to enjoy the innocent joys of play and nature.

Mohakhali DOHS Park:

The park has a calm vibe that makes it an enjoyable escape from the hectic schedule. A large football field provides room for sports fans to play pickup games and drills, while a basketball court adjacent to it allows players to show off their skills. 

Families with little children may enjoy the special kids' zone, which has vibrant swings and slides that provide hours of fun play. Cosy seats are dotted about the park, allowing people to sit back and savour natural beauty. 

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