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Goats on the trees!

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To express something bizarre or unthinkable, we often say that the likelihood of that event happening is as great as the possibility of goats climbing on a tree. 

However, something this bizarre has been seen in southwestern Morocco, where it has been seen that a lot of goats have climbed up a tree and are also eating fruits from the branches.

Goats climbing up the hills have been a well-documented case, with the event happening many times in the Pyrenees mountains of Spain. The primary reason for the event is to find food, which is also the case for the goats of Morocco, a pretty drought-prone area. 

During summer, the grass is scarce for goats, especially in the southwestern parts of Morocco, and at the same time, argan fruits are found aplenty, which has been attributed to being the reason behind the goats being at the top of these trees.

But recently, another discovery has been made in this regard: the people of this region, after the proliferation of the fact that these goats have been found on the branches of the trees, have themselves compelled the goats to perform these acts quite a few times to amuse the viewers as well as attract tourists to the area. Even the goats are being trained so that it doesn’t become hard on their part.

The goats of this region have another advantage concerning their bifurcated hooves, which facilitate a lot when it comes to climbing up the trees. The goats can also go from one branch to another quite easily due to this fact. 

Argan fruits are often used for argan oil, and they are quite numerous in the southwestern Sousse valley of Morocco, where this incident has been recorded.

The local farmers of this area also use the fruit as food for these goats, where the goats do not totally digest the nut-like part of the fruit and come out later during defecation. It is later used for argan oil. Hence, there has been an economic angle involved with the goats of this region consuming argan fruit. 

However, many new technologies have recently been utilised that help extract argan oil without the involvement of these goats.

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