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How Gen Z is rewriting the rules of parenting

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"I will never be the type of parent my parents were." How often do you think this each day? For some, it's countless times; for others, it's a rare thought. This mantra echoes through every generation as they strive to outdo their predecessors in the quest for better parenting.

Each generation discovers new perspectives, accumulates knowledge, and carves its paths. Studies indicate that every generation has improved upon the last. Despite Millennials and others labelling Gen Z as 'good for nothing,' studies show Gen Z parents have great potential for more effective parenting approaches.

A study by the Everyday Health Group on pregnancy and parenting, conducted in October 2022, revealed that 83% of Gen Z mothers believe it's essential to be perfect, compared to 77% of Millennial mothers. This demonstrates that Gen Z genuinely strives to be better parents than their own.

Boycotting physical discipline

Facebook reels depicting Asian parents disciplining with sandals might seem relatable and amusing to some. In contrast, American parents have long abandoned physical punishment.

The internet has exposed different disciplinary methods worldwide, prompting Gen Z to rethink their childhood punishments. Many Gen Z parents in the USA now prioritize trust and honesty over physical discipline.

According to a 2021 Private & Confidential VIRTUE Worldwide census, 59% of parents believe in their children's honesty, and only 18% resort to physical discipline, a significant shift from Millennial parents.

Advice on raising kids

Gen Z parents don't rely solely on family traditions or nosy neighbour suggestions. They seek online advice but remain critically aware of the media's dark secrets.

Unlike previous generations, who were reluctant to consult doctors, Gen Z parents seek professional help for their children's health.

Value of education

Like any other generational parents, Gen Z values higher education for their children but aims for a different approach. They believe in acquiring the knowledge and qualifications necessary to achieve goals, which can be done without traditional college badges.

Gen Z parents emphasize soft skills such as creativity, organization, adaptability, communication, critical thinking, and collaboration.

Family vs. Work

In the 2021 Private & Confidential VIRTUE Worldwide report, a census showed that 57% of Gen Z parents consider work an essential part of their identity, compared to 68% of Millennials.

Neighbourhood buzz

Despite being aware of Millennials' misconceptions about them, Gen Z parents trust their instincts when raising their children. They are less inclined to follow traditional methods and more open to exploring the best ideas from various cultures to ensure a better life for their kids.  

Gen Z parents, with their blend of empathy, reliance on trust over discipline, and openness to diverse parenting methods, are poised to redefine what it means to raise children in the modern world.

They aspire to be better, not just for themselves but for the future they are shaping.

They may sometimes feel less confident in their quest for perfection, but this drive pushes them to be more thoughtful, compassionate, and innovative parents. Gen Z parents also focus on crafting a nurturing environment where their children can thrive.

So rather than tying them down with superstition and rigid family traditions, Millennials and other living generations should support Gen Z in blooming more confidently and embracing parenthood as it's not about which generation is better; it's about learning from the past and striving for a better future.

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