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NASA is releasing highly anticipated report on UFO today

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In a long-anticipated move, NASA will unveil its findings regarding unexplained flying objects (UFOs), or as they are officially referred to today, Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAPs). 

The space agency's report will mark a significant shift in NASA's approach to the subject and the growing interest of the U.S. government in these enigmatic occurrences.

Last year, NASA announced its comprehensive review of the evidence surrounding UAPs, seeking to unravel the mysteries that have captivated the public's imagination for decades. 

This shift in terminology from 'UFO' to 'UAP' was not merely semantics but signified a more serious, science-based approach to the phenomenon.

In May of this year, an independent team of 16 researchers shared their preliminary observations, offering insight into the complex nature of the UAP enigma. They found that existing data and eyewitness reports lacked the necessary depth and quality to draw definitive conclusions. This initial assessment led them to call for a more systematic collection of high-quality data, emphasising the need for rigorous scientific investigation.

While today's report is not expected to provide a final resolution to the UAP conundrum, it does signify a pivotal moment in NASA's history. Historically, the agency's stance has been to debunk and dismiss sightings of unidentified phenomena on Earth, focusing instead on its missions beyond our planet.

The report indicates that over 800 UAP events have been collected over 27 years, with an estimated two to five per cent classified as potentially anomalous. The team's definition of UAPs includes anything "not readily understandable by the operator or the sensor" or "something that is doing something weird."

The increasing attention on UAPs is not exclusive to NASA. The U.S. government has also intensified its interest, partly due to concerns that these phenomena may be connected to foreign surveillance. While NASA's efforts rely on unclassified material, the Pentagon is concurrently conducting its investigation, with both agencies collaborating on applying scientific tools and methods.

In July, former U.S. intelligence officer David Grusch made headlines by testifying before a congressional committee that he 'absolutely' believes the government possesses evidence of unidentified anomalous phenomena, along with remains of their alleged alien operators. Grusch cited compelling evidence, including photography, official documentation, and classified oral testimony, provided by individuals with a history of serving the country.

Adding a surreal twist to the ongoing saga, earlier this week, during a congressional hearing in Mexico, alleged mummified remains of 'non-human' beings were presented. 

With a greyish colour and a humanoid body form, these remains were brought forward by controversial Mexican journalist and researcher Jaime Maussan, who claimed to have discovered them in Peru in 2017. The presentation sparked a wide range of reactions on social media, from surprise to disbelief.

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