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Ujan holds discussion on Ahmed Swapan Mahmud’s latest poetry book

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A literary discussion on poet Ahmed Swapan Mahmud’s latest collection of poems titled "Jakhan Kichhu-e Chhilo Na (When There Was Nothing) was held at the Kabita Café in Dhaka city’s Kataban area on Saturday evening.

During the discussion organised by Publishing house Ujan, poet Mozid Mahmud said Ahmed Swapan Mahmud basically sheds light on mainstream Bangla literature through this collection of poems.

Poet Nasir Ahmed said, ‘Ahmed Swapan Mahmud is a baul in heart.

"I find the existence of a baul in the poetry of the poet. The truths about life are also revealed in the poems of the book."

Poet Tushar Das said, ‘Ahmed Swapan Mahmud has been writing for a long time. He gives intensity to the expression of feelings and ideas in his works.’

Poet Mamun Khan said, ‘Poet Ahmed Swapan Mahmud has been writing poems continuously for many years. I would like to give thanks to the publisher for publishing the book.’

Poet Ahmed Swapan Mahmud said the modern poetries of the 1930s broke the tradition of Bengali poetry and took a different turn based on European structuralism, which is not compatible with the thoughts, feelings, lifestyles and aspirations of the majority of the population.

Emphasising the poetry of Bauls and Fakirs, he also said, ‘If practised in its continuity, Bangla poetry will be enriched more in the future.’

Soroishwarja Muhommod, the publisher of Jakhan Kichhu-e Chhilo Na, delivered a welcome speech at the programme, which was moderated by poet-essayist Senjuti Jahan Jinat.

Mozid Mahmud, Syed Tarik, Mahbub Hasan, Tapan Bagchi, Tokon Thaakur, Altaf Shahnewaz, Shamtan Rahman, Afroza Shoma, Bidhan Saha and Shaibal Noor, among others, spoke about the book.

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