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Why is dental treatment so expensive?

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Dental treatment is one of the costliest sectors of healthcare today. Even the cost of every dental procedure varies. But it's not a secret that when you seek dental care, it will be expensive in general. There are several reasons for this.

First, services for oral health are provided by qualified professionals. A person's expense is another person's value. Dentists are medical professionals who complete several years of Dental college with advanced and costly training. 

Dentists are required to complete rigorous educational programs, including dental college, internships, and residencies. Their study of specialised areas adds years to their education. Years of study and hands-on experience come at a cost, which is eventually reflected in the cost of therapy. Dental services are charged appropriately, just like those provided by many other professionals, such as accountants, lawyers, and engineers. 

New methods, materials, and treatments are constantly being invented in dentistry. Dentists must invest time and resources in continuing education to keep current on the latest advances and give the best possible treatment to their patients. This dedication to continuous learning incurs costs, ultimately passed on to patients.
A modern dental practice is operated with anywhere from 60 per cent to 80 per cent of the patient's money for dental care. Dental technology has advanced significantly, improving diagnostic capacities, treatment accuracy, and patient comfort. A regular dentistry practice keeps various highly specialised tools on hand, all of which are expensive to buy and maintain. 

Cutting-edge equipment such as digital X-rays, laser therapies, and 3D imaging systems have revolutionised dental care. A basic dental chair with all the essential trays, lights, parts, x-ray equipment, and compressors can cost a ton. The surgical instruments, supplies, and sterilising machinery needed, as well as the drugs, local anaesthetic, and dental materials necessary in dental treatments such as extractions, root canal treatment, and even simple fillings, all add to the high final cost. 

There are so many overhead charges that cannot be ignored. Rent for office space, electricity and other bills, salaries to clinical and non-clinical staff, taxes to the government, supplies that need constant repurchase, comfort decor requirements, and so on.

Most doctors need the help of a third-party dental laboratory for appliances like dentures, crowns, and mouth guards. You need good products, experienced lab technicians, high-end technology, and the latest sophisticated tools for a quality dental appliance. And all these things increase the overall cost of treatment.
Another reason for high treatment costs is the patients themselves. Most patients in Bangladesh are careless about their oral health issues. Lack of seriousness towards oral care leads to poor oral hygiene. Most patients come to the dental chamber with multiple oral health issues. No one takes oral health problems such as dental caries, gum bleeding, or gum recession as seriously as other diseases like heart disease or kidney disease. 

In the beginning, ignoring oral health can result in long-term harm to your oral and general health and a hefty expense for dental care. You may avoid expensive dental treatment costs by investing in a quality toothbrush, floss, and frequent dental check-ups.

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