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€1.1m EU support for cyclone Amphan-affected people in Bangladesh

| Updated: May 27, 2020 21:35:08

File photo (UNB) File photo (UNB)

The European Union has announced an initial funding of 1.1 million euro for cyclone Amphan-affected people in Bangladesh.

Janez Lenarcic, European Commissioner for Crisis Management, announced it in a statement recently.

”The EU is determined to start helping people in need with no further delay and provides an initial funding of 0.5 million euro for India and 1.1 million euro to support the immediate response in Bangladesh,” Janez Lenarcic said in the statement.

He said, “The EU will address immediate needs of populations affected by the cyclone, as well as protect humanitarian aid and health workers from their exposure to the epidemic.”

“Dozens of people have lost their lives as cyclone Amphan has come ashore southwest of Kolkata in eastern India and is making its way further north-east towards Bangladesh, causing further destruction and flooding,” Janez said.

“I am saddened to learn about fatalities in both India and Bangladesh, and the extent of destruction caused by strong winds, flooding and landslides, also damaging houses, infrastructure and livelihoods.”

The cyclone struck the Indian state of West Bengal and Odisha on Wednesday evening and moved into Bangladesh later in the night, devastating villages, tearing down power lines, collapsing dams and leaving large tracts of land under water.

Janez Lenarcic said, “This storm hits at a time when social distancing remains essential to prevent a further spread of the coronavirus. A crisis on top of a crisis, so to say.”

During these troubled times I am proud to see that first responders are starting saving people's lives and that further assessment of the situation on the ground has already started.

The EU's Copernicus emergency management service supports these efforts with satellite maps to assess damages, he added.


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