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160m applied for movement pass in 46 hours

| Updated: April 16, 2021 11:39:53

160m applied for movement pass in 46 hours

The movement pass app launched by Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) to facilitate emergency travel during the 8-day strict lockdown has received almost 160 million hits within just 46 hours.

Police have already issued around 316,801 passes so far.

Sources at the Police Headquarters have confirmed the matter to UNB.

A review of the database obtained from the website shows that around 159,922,065 applications for the movement pass were submitted between 11am on Tuesday to 9am on Thursday.

This means thatthe website is receiving around 57,942 knocks per minute.

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dr Benazir Ahmed launched the movement pass app on Tuesday.

An individual can apply for the movement pass by providing his name, phone number, date of birth, destination details, valid identification (NID, passport, driving licence), and the reason for going outside.

However, journalists and emergency service providers do not need the movement pass.


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