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30pc dry fish remain unsold in Pabna

| Updated: December 17, 2020 15:27:40

Photo shows workers drying fishes in the Chalanbeel area — FE Photo Photo shows workers drying fishes in the Chalanbeel area — FE Photo

Dry fish stockist and producers are facing hardship in the current season as 30 per cent of their produced export quality goods has remained unsold due to corona pandemic in Pabna district.

The villagers of the district are suspecting to count around Tk 200 million losses if the condition prevails till next month. However, with the onset of the second wave of corona, there has been renewed apprehension among the producers.

Since the wholesalers are not visiting the locality to purchase the item, the producers are seen passing worrying time with their goods. They are selling the item in the retail markets but it is not enough at all.

Those involved in the production of dry fish have reported that they have been producing different types of dry fishes every season without taking loans from the moneylenders at high-interest rates.

However, they are starting production of dry fish in the current season taking loans as they do not have to bear the burden of debt of workers due to large quantities of unsold dry fishes this season.

The dry fish producers have started making the item from the last week of November and it will continue till January. They have made a good profit whenever they started producing dry fish

"I am facing financial losses due to the corona infection as winter is approving fast," said SamaPado, a fish scaffolding owner under Chatmohor. He again said, "Fearing covid-19 infection, the wholesalers are not showing interest to visit the area let alone purchase."

According to the official sources of the Pabna Fisheries Department, over 5000 metric tons of dried fish have been produced across the Chalanbeel area. More than five thousand men and women are involved in the processing of dried fish in these scaffoldings.

It can be seen that men and women of different ages are working in one of the dry land villages. In the dry villages, different types of dried fishes are produced including puti, kai, chanda, baim, tangra, and boal.

About 30 per cent of the production remains unsold due to non-availability of purchases from far and wide. Now the second wave of corona has started again, there is a concern that the produced dry fish will not be sold in the current season.

A wholesaler of dried frishSamsulAlom said, "Now we have to get rid of the fear in the second wave of Corona again." "Therefore, we demand bank loan to make the business easier for the dry goods traders," he added.

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