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Accord reports garment factories remediated 82pc hazardous issues

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Some 82 per cent of total flaws, identified by Accord, have so far been fixed in garments factories.

The EU based retailer’s platform came up with the findings in its remediation progress report till January 01, 2018.   

The report said 1600 garment factories have fixed the hazards relating to structural and electrical issues.

Accord, formed after the Rana Plaza building collapse, identified more than 80,000 fire, electrical and structural issues in its initial inspection.

Some 127 factories so far completed all required remediation work prescribed in the corrective action plan (CAP), according to the report.

A total of 699 garment factories completed more than 90 per cent of their initially identified safety flaws, it revealed.

“In the last three months, the progress rate of Accord factories installing their fire detection and prevention systems increased from 31 per cent to 41 per cent,” it said.

The report also added the rate of removal of lockable and collapsible gate is 96 per cent.

41 per cent factories installed fire detection and prevention system and 87 per cent put adequate lighting in fire exits, it added.

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