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Awami League leaders will leave Bangladesh bowing heads, warns Mirza Fakhrul

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Accusing the government of establishing a reign of plundering in Bangladesh, BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Sunday warned that the time is coming when the ruling party leaders will leave Bangladesh bowing their heads.

“This government which was not elected by people’s votes has turned Bangladesh into a mafia state by establishing a reign of plundering,” he said.

Speaking at the biennial council of Jhenaidah district unit BNP in Abdur Rouf College Field, Fakhrul alleged that people now do not get any service and jobs without paying money and bribes, reports UNB.

 “When we talk about the stealing and looting, they (AL leaders) get hurt. There is nothing to be offended. If you steal (public money), you have to keep your head down. The time is coming when you will have to leave this country with your heads down,” he observed.

The BNP leader said all the looters and thieves must be put under trial in the country. “They destroyed the judiciary and snatched the independence of the judiciary, politicised the administration, and ruined the education and health systems. “So, Awami League won’t be allowed to stay in power anymore.”

Fakhrul said the ruling party ‘cadres’ shed blood again on the Dhaka University campus and mercilessly beat the leaders and activists of the Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal. “You can't imagine how they oppressed our female students. Our three JCD leaders have been fighting for life at ICU."

He alleged that the ruling party activists also attacked BNP’s rallies and meetings in different areas, including in Khulna and Patuakhali in the same style since the government wants to thwart people’s movement for the ‘restoration’ of their rights by resorting to ‘terrorism’ and intimidation and using the state machinery and police as it did in the past.

 “Will they be able to do it this time? What do you think? They won’t succeed this time as people have started waking up this time to save the country and restore democracy,” the BNP leader said.

He said no more elections will be allowed to be held under Awami League in the country. “They must step down immediately after handing over power to a neutral government. Then, a credible and inclusive election will be conducted by a new impartial Election Commission.”

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