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Bangladesh witnesses drop in traffic rule violation cases

| Updated: November 27, 2021 20:44:49

Traffic rule violation cases drop  in Oct

Both the number of cases, lodged over violation of traffic rules, and the amount of fines witnessed a decline in October this year compared to the previous month as the country’s transport regulator continues its drives.

Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) filed a total of 1,761 cases and realised over Tk 3.24 million in fines in October 2021 over violations of traffic rules while the case number was 2,304 and the amount of fine was Tk 3.39 million in September 2021.

On the other hand, the total number of cases was 2,100 and the amount of fine marked Tk 2.08 million in August.

In its 214 drives, BRTA also jailed 36 people and dumped 12 vehicles in October this year whereas the transport regulator, in its 243 drives, also jailed 40 people and dumped 14 vehicles in September 2021, according to monthly data of the organisation.

The BRTA filed a total of 1,189 cases and realised a fine of Tk 0. 90 million in July over such violations.

At least 1,119 cases were filed and Tk 1.86 million fines were imposed in June this year while the number of cases was 17,01 and the fine amount was Tk 3.02 million in February.

The transport regulator also filed some 2,108 cases and realised over Tk 2.96 million in fines in January 2021 for such causes.

The number of mobile court drives the transport authority, led in May, was 201 while it was 216 in April.

The mobile courts also jailed 17 people in May this year while the number was 10 in April, as per a BRTA report.

The BRTA conducts mobile court drives regularly across the country with a view to bringing discipline and order on the roads.

The transport regulator lodged the cases as per the new Road Transport Act 2018 and other relevant laws.

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