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BracU denies publishing any research on COVID-19 in BD

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Brac University (BracU) has said it did not publish any research regarding the COVID-19 situation in the country.

"James P Grant School of Public Health and BRAC University has not conducted, commissioned or published any research regarding the COVID-19 situation in Bangladesh," it said in a media statement on Sunday.

The statement added: "If any individual researcher publishes a paper without the knowledge and authorisation of the Dean, the School's name cannot be associated with it.

"We have initiated an official investigation into the matter and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken if the concerned individual is proven to have violated the research and publication policy of the School."

The statement appears to refer to a report published on Saturday by Netra News, a Sweden-based investigative journalism website, on the COVID-19 situation in Bangladesh.

According to the report, it was based on a research written by epidemiologists and public health academics from Brac University, North South University and Johns Hopkins University.

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