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Cargo lighter ship sinks in Karnaphuli

Cargo lighter ship sinks in Karnaphuli

Lighterage ship MV Varniya Prince-2 laden with 2,267 tonnes of iron raw materials sank after colliding with Boya number two at Sadarghat area of Karnafuli River in Chattogram on Wednesday morning.

MA Rony, secretary of Bangladesh Lighterage Ship Workers Union, said the ship was anchored at Chinese Ghat no. 15 in Patenga area around 11pm yesterday. From there the ship sailed towards Shah Amanat Bridge this morning, reports BSS.

But due to the high tide of the river, the ship was signaled several times. But the master of the ship disobeyed the signal and kept the ship afloat.

As it was being operated, the ship collided with the Boya No. 2 in Sadarghat area. The bottom of the ship wrecked, resulting water entered into the ship and the ship sank.

It is learned that the lighterage ship collided with a boya while coming from the outer anchorage with 2,267 tons of raw material scrap owned by Abul Khair Company.

None of the ship’s sailors are missing or injured. Efforts to rescue the ship have been going on since morning.

The channel of Chattogram seaport was not closed due to the sinking of this lighterage ship. Ship running in the karnaphuli river is normal, the source added.

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