Century-old canal in Tangail town turns into a mosquito breeding centre

FE Desk Report | Published: September 03, 2019 22:33:01

A partial view of the canal in the Tangail municipal area — FE Photo

The century-old canal in Tangail district town has turned into a mosquito breeding centre for lack of proper cleaning.

The garbage-filled canal is the main outlet that connects all the drains in the town.

Water in the canal cannot pass properly for tonnes of garbage created a stagnant situation.

A local said it has turned into a narrow canal emitting extremely bad odour and full of mosquito larvae.

The authority concerned did not take any measures to bring back the actual flow of the canal by removing the garbage.

A good number of town dwellers complained that mosquitoes born on the stagnant water of the canal and infect the people with diseases like dengue and chikungunia.

According to Jamilur Rahman Miron, mayor of Tangail Municipality, re-construction work of the roads and drains of the town is going on. After completing the project, the central drain of the town will get sufficient water flow.

"We will take measures to remove the garbage as soon as possible", he added.

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