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China for quick repatriation of Rohingya

Killers of Chinese national in Bangladesh would be brought to book: FM

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China has expressed concern over the delay in Rohingya repatriation to their homeland in Myanmar.

The concern was expressed when the Chinese Ambassador in Dhaka Li Jiming met Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen in the capital on Sunday, a spokesperson of the foreign ministry said.

They discussed issues related to the killing of a Chinese national in Pirojpur, and visa processing for their respective nationals.

During the meeting the foreign minister told the Chinese ambassador that prolonged stay of the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh would pose threat to the regional stability.

Seeking Chinese assistance in expediting the repatriation of the Rohingya, he said that many Rohingya refugees were found involved in various crimes like drug trafficking and human trafficking.

Recently eight Rohingya were killed in clashes between two groups of Rohingya, he told the Chinese ambassador adding that the government is planning to erect fence around the camps to prevent such crimes.

The minister mentioned that the host community in Cox’s Bazar is facing huge sufferings due to the stay of over one million refugees in their area.

Dr Momen raised the issue of mobilisation of army by Myanmar near Bangladesh border and said that such move triggered concern in Bangladesh.

He pointed out that providing humanitarian assistance to the Rohingya would not help solve their basic problems.

The permanent solution lies in ensuring their safe and dignified return to their homeland in Myanmar, the minister observed.

The Chinese ambassador agreed to the observations of the foreign minister and said that China would continue to provide support to ensure quick repatriation of the Rohingya, the spokesperson said.

When the issue of the killing of a Chinese national in Pirojpur was raised, Bangladesh foreign minister assured him that the perpetrators will face justice and already two suspected killers were arrested by the police.

Chinese national Laupha (58), a technician working at Bangladesh-China Friendship Bridge in Pirojpur, was stabbed to death near the site of the bridge being constructed over the Kocha river last week.

In total 38 Chinese nationals are working in the project.

In response to the request of foreign minister for renewal of visas for Bangladeshi students, the Chinese ambassador said that his government will announce its decision very soon.

Mr Jiming informed the foreign minister that already Chinese embassy started issuing business and family reunion visas for Bangladeshis.

He also handed over a letter from the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to Mr Momen.

Dr Momen reiterated Bangladesh’s firm support to the ‘One China’ policy.

Chinese ambassador also informed the foreign minister that his government had taken steps to translate Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujiber Rahman’s book titled ‘My visit to new China’  into Chinese language, and it will be published soon.

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