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Civil society leaders from MVCs demand adequate finance, technologies for climate action

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Civil Society leaders from MVCs (Most Vulnerable Countries) urged the developed countries to ensure adequate finance and appropriate tools that will support effective climate action.

They placed their demands at a press meet in the conference venue of the ongoing Cop 26, Global Climate Conference in Glasgow-UK, on Friday titled ‘LDC’s & MVC Peoples’ expectations and CoP 26’.

The leaders, on behalf of the MVCs and LDCs (Least Developed countries), called for an end to Carbon emission instead of the so-called ‘Net Zero target by 2050’.

Soumya Datta from Peoples Forum, India and Md Ziaul Hoque Mukta CSRL (Center for Sustainable Rural Livelihood), Md Shamsuddoha (Centre for Participatory Research & Development), Shamim Arfeen (AoSED), Md Jahangir Hossen Masum from Bangladesh spoke at the conference.

The keynote on civil society expectation was presented by Aminul Hoque (Equity BD) from Bangladesh.

Aminul Hoque said, “The COP-26 is being held in a transitional stage in the context of past failure of its commitments, but we are hopeful for the future as the developed countries have pledged to keep their committed action to reduce global warming and support MVCs to fight climate change impacts”.

Developed nations must change their theory of ‘Net Zero Target’, instead they should revise their own country’s NDC (Nationally Determined Contribution) to ‘Zero Carbon emission’ target by 2050, he added.

Mr Aminul also demanded that developed countries should ensure adequate climate finance for LDCs & MVCs through both the GCF (Green Climate Fund) and their public sources, and ensure support to establish and full operationalisation of proposed Loss and Damage Mechanism with separate financial allocation.

Soumya Datta said that the ‘net zero’ is a phrase that represents magical thinking rooted in our future technology obsession.

“It’s a false solution proposal and all country parties must stop the discussion on such vague ‘Net Zero emission’ issue and start the discussion on ‘Zero Emission target’ through ending Carbon emission”, she added.

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