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Construction of new floor on 22-year-old one-storey school bldg raises concern

Construction of new floor on 22-year-old one-storey school bldg raises concern

NAOGAON, Dec 29: Construction of a new floor on the roof of a single-storey 22-year-old Hamidpur Jigatla Multipurpose High School building under Mahadebpur upazila of the district is going apace triggering concern among the guardians and locals.

Questions arise in the minds of conscious people of the area how the Directorate of Education Engineering permitted the contractor to construct the new floor over the dilapidated one-storey building.

The guardians of the school have urged the authorities concerned to halt the construction over this risky building.

Upon visiting the school, it was found that the contractor was continuing the construction of the new floor on the single-storey building.

Due to the construction of the upstairs, a widespread crack has developed in the ground floor. Cement-sand mixing is being used to prevent the crack.

On the other hand, according to the rules, a signboard containing details of construction work was supposed to be visible, but it was not done. As a result, the transparency and accountability of this work are being questioned.

Anwarul Islam, member of the school managing committee, said the authority concerned has ordered the construction of a new floor over the single-storey building without proper examination. It is necessary to investigate the matter and take legal action.

Head Teacher of Hamidpur Jigatla Multipurpose High School Nikunj Bihari said the engineers of the Education Engineering Department are doing the work.

Makhan Chandra Mondal, president of the school's managing committee said if the engineers feel the construction risky, necessary steps will be taken to stop the work.

Rakubul Ahsan, assistant engineer of Education Engineering Department said, "I do not know the matter at all. Necessary measures will be taken if the inspection shows the building at a risky state."


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