Cops kill criminal in Mymensingh ‘shootout’

Published: April 28, 2018 10:32:47 | Updated: April 29, 2018 10:34:39

A suspect in at least eight cases has been killed in an alleged shootout following his arrest in Mymensingh.

The shootout occurred early on Saturday, when police had taken Kala Chan, 38, on a raid in the city’s Madrasa Bazar area, said district Detective Branch Police OC Ashiqur Rahman.

Police did not provide any additional details about the suspect, according to bdnews24 report.

Chan was arrested from the city’s Rally intersection on Friday evening and was found in possession of yaba and a knife, said OC Ashiqur.

“Early on Saturday a police team took him on a raid to arrest drug lord Siraj in Madrasa Bazar. Members of Siraj’s gang fired upon the team and police were forced to retaliate. Kala Chan was killed during the shootout.”

Kala Chan has been accused of murder, drug trafficking, theft and mugging in eight to ten cases, he said.

A police officer was also injured in the incident, he added.

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