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Corruption, negligence alleged in repairing regional road

Corruption, negligence alleged in repairing regional road

Even four years after it was badly damaged, a 34 km road connecting Moulvibazar town, Shamshernagar and Chatlapore remains unusable.

On several appeals the authority concerned managed to do only 50 per cent road works during the last two years, alleged a number of locals.

Reconstruction of only 20 km of the 34 km important road started in 2019 only to be stopped by mid-2020. By that time, only 30 per cent of the reconstruction had been completed.

Construction materials like sand, stone, bricks had been kept on the roadside for months for unknown reasons. Some works were then done to fill the potholes with bricks haphazardly.

Still, drivers of various vehicles on the road have to run with extreme caution while passengers pass worrisome times.

The bituminous road plays an important role in the communication of a vast area in addition to linking Chatlapore LC Station for export and import with the Indian state of Tripura.

Despite being a road of such importance, it has remained in a decrepit condition for the last four years, locals wondered.

They said corruption and lack of required monitoring and steps on the part of the officials concerned and local representatives have led to such worsening condition of the road.

Some officials seeking anonymity said a contractor was last assigned in November 2019 for completing the road works by 15 September last year.

And after completion of only 30 per cent roadworks, things got suspended with innumerable potholes amid heavy rains, they said.

Many transport owners alleged they have to suffer a lot as their vehicles go out of order time and again on the road.

Over 100,000 people from 16 unions in three upazilas Komolganj, Srimangal and Moulvibazar mainly use the road, linking the frontier area.

Due to the negligence of all concerned in completing the roadworks, many people have to take a detour to reach Moulvibazar district town.

The contractor has meanwhile prayed for time extension, the officials said further.

Blaming rains behind the suspension in road repairs, an official at the roads and highways department, preferring anonymity, said the road works have again started and are expected to be completed soon.


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