27 unauthorised brickfields in operation in Lama

Our Correspondent | Published: February 17, 2018 23:35:12 | Updated: February 19, 2018 09:58:05

One of 27 brickfields in Lama upazila of Bandarban district. The photo was taken on Saturday.

 Drum chimney and rigid chimney are being used in 27 brickfields openly in Lama upazila of the hilly Bandarban district. These hills have been developed in violation of policy of the forest and in the localities and agricultural fields. As a result, any such event can happen like a mountain collapse.

Acting executive officer of Lama upazila also the upazila assistant commissioner (Land), Md Sayed Iqbal said there is no valid papers on any brick kiln in Lama. All the brick kilns have been developed illegally.

According to the official, there are 27 brickfields in the upazila. A total of 21 in Fitong union, one in Gazalia union, four in Phansiyakhali union and one brick field in Lama municipal area.

Acting manager of a brickfield said brick making season starts from November 20 to 30. Trees are used in the kilns. He said trees are brought from the nearby forest.

An official of a brickfield said they started making brick from November 19 this season. He said, "In the first round, we made 5.0 million pieces of brick."

He expressed the hope that the brickfield authority would be able to make another 4.0 million pieces of bricks this season.

The official said, "We use trees as fuel. Coal is more costly for us."

He denied to answer when this correspondent asked him the number of trees they used every round.

Chairman of Fitong union Md Jalal Uddin said, "The brickfield owners do not obey any laws. They do whatever they want. Unauthorised brickfields are posing a threat for the environment. Brick-loaded trucks also damage the roads.

Bandarban Deputy Commissioner Dilip Kumar Bonik said the district and upazila administration will take legal action against the unauthorised brick fields.


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