Adamdighi main post office turns into death trap

Our Correspondent | Published: January 02, 2018 00:43:00 | Updated: January 02, 2018 22:15:40

The weird condition of the Adamdighi post office building. — FE photo

BOGRA, Jan 1: Main post office of Adamdighi upazila sadar is turning as death trap due to negligence of authority concern from last decade in Bogra district.

The officials of the post office are serving the client taking life risk as it may collapse any time. Several cracks have been developed in the ceiling and wall of the building. Sometime cement and plaster fall dawn on the head of the presence.

The condition of the post office is deteriorating gradually and causing untold suffering for both officials and clients, said eye witness Harun-or-Rashid, 45, under the upazila. He urged to the authority concern take immediate step from a dangerous position.

According to office source the building was established in the area to smooth posting the necessary letters from all walks of life in the British period. No one comes to aid the shabby building where a good number of clients gather in the risky post office.

On the other hand, the revenue stamp and valuable papers damage falling water during rainy season. They are to endure a lot of problem to serve the common people both rainy and dried season. The clients also requested several time to repair the dilapidated post office.

A total six sub-centers like Shalgram, Kalaikuri, Bishia, Bandergram, Bihigram, and Abadpukur are being run under the sadar post office with miseries condition from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm in order to render citizen's service without any hassle.

A postmaster, a postal operator, a postman, a packer, a runner and a night guard are servicing among the clients hoping for immediate reconstruction in the post office. The post office is serving over 20 thousand people from the different village of the upazila.

Postmaster Anowarul Islam said he informs the matter to the higher authority several times but did not get any response. The service of post office in the way of untold threat at all, he added.


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