Benarashi weavers passing busy time

Our Correspondent | Published: May 29, 2018 21:38:06

RANGPUR, May 29: With the Eid-ul-Fitr drawing nearer, the weavers of Benarashi Palli at Gangachhara upazila in Rangpur district have geared up the manufacturing of Benarashi Sarees.

Presently, the weavers are passing busy time from morning to evening making different varieties of Benarashi sarees on account of higher demand of sarees ahead of Eid.

There are several hundreds of handlooms at around one hundred Benarashi factories in the upazila where about 2500 workers are busy with `Belbutti', 'Katan', 'Nakshi', 'Fulkoli' etc that have growing demands across the country.

Talking to this FE correspondent Kashem Mia, owner of a Benarashi factory at Talukhabu village said he has 8 handlooms. The workers are much busy making sarees due to increased in demand on the eve of Eid. They are making sarees according to the demand of the buyers during this peak season. Those are supplied to Dhaka and other parts of the country, he further said.      

Farida Akhter, owner of Fiyaz Benarashi factory at Habu Tantipara village told The Financial Express that she has around 30 handlooms. The demand for sarees has increased much ahead of Eid. The sarees which they make are sold at different rates between Tk 1,300 and Tk 22,000 depending on its designs and qualities.

A number of Benarashi workers told The Financial Express that every year the demand for Benarashi sarees increases ahead of Eid. They also wait for the Eid festival to earn a major portion of their yearly income. "Every year we make sarees with new design during the peak season".

"We get Tk 600 to Tk 1000 for making each sarees, they also said. The workers said they embellish silk, georgette, tissue and other types of sarees. At least four to six days are required to make a Benarashi saree depending on design and decoration, they added.

Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC) sources said Benarashi Palli has already become well-known in the country for its Benarashi products, sources further said.

The demand for Benarasi sarees manufactured at Benarashi Palli is growing gradually due to its higher quality, intricate designs and astonishing beauty, sources added.


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