Boro cultivation in Nilphamari underway

Published: January 20, 2018 15:11:33 | Updated: January 21, 2018 10:46:54

Photo: Collected

Boro cultivation paddy has started in Nilphjamari and it would continue for two months more.

Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) sources said a total 79443 hectares of land has been brought under the Boro cultivation in the district this season and production target is 329671 tons.

“Boro cultivatable land is being tilled by using power tiller and tractor, use of bullock in cultivating land has almost come to an end. Cultivation of this crop totally depends on irrigation, sources added.

To cultivate the paddy in the field, the seedbed has been prepared , DAE sources said.

Now, the farmers are busy with preparing the seedbeds on the low land with the hopes of growing healthy seedlings for getting desired production through transplanting those.

DAE sources said a total of 300 deep tube-wells, 29633 shallow tube-wells, 33 power pumps and 1232 irrigation machineries of Teesta Irrigation Project are being used for irrigation purposes in the district.

Farmers said there is no shortage of fertilizer and diesel in the district and the price is reasonable .

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