Commercial mango cultivation gains popularity in Naogaon

Roving Correspondent | Published: June 06, 2018 22:09:12

NAOGAON, Jun 06: Some farmers across the district started farming mango leaving paddy and other crops cultivation during the last few years.

Sources said growers have recently begun harvesting the fruit.

Traders have started sending locally-produced mango to Bogura, Joypurhat, Sirajganj, Natore and other districts due to good market demand.

A good number of farmers in the area have been growing mango on commercial basis.

The orchard owners also apply modern farming method to keep the fruit fresh, hygienic and safe.

President of the Naogaon Chamber of Commerce and Industry said all stakeholders including farmers must have to produce good quality mangoes maintaining its quality.

According to The Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE), some 14,670 hectares of land were brought under mango cultivation in the district this season.

DAE officials expect to produce over 1,75,140 tonnes of mango yield if the weather condition remains favourable till the last harvest.

In a statistic, it has been seen 2013-14 fiscal year the farmers had cultivated some 7,940 hectares of land under farming of varieties of mango and produced over 99,330 tonne of yield.

Around 13 tonnes of mango can be produced from a hectare of land, they added.

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