Commuters suffer for bad shape of Bogura-Naogaon connecting road

Published: June 02, 2018 21:06:02 | Updated: June 03, 2018 11:04:38

Vehicles plying the dilapidated Bogura-Naogaon road near Goderpara Bazar under Bogura Sadar on Saturday — FE Photo

Our Correspondent
BOGURA, Jun 02: Thousands of commuters as well as heavy vehicles are suffering much due to bad shape of the Bogura-Naogaon connecting road for a long time.
The awful condition of some 43 km stresses long road has been causing great suffering to the users. But, the authority concern are not taking measure step at all to smooth communication system condemn victim commuters.
Locals said thousands of people from every corner of the country use the road everyday facing serious problems. The suffering is beyond description when they need to take a critical patient to hospital in the upazila or district headquarters, they added.
Everyday, numerous road mishaps are occurring for the bad shape of the road, said a shopkeeper Mahbub Hossain. The authority does not heed to the suffering of commuters, he added.
The dilapidated condition is causing frequent road accident for the vehicle and commuters everyday. Students fall down whenever they go to school collages or university. The CNG run auto rickshaw pullers are to pay extra cost changing tire frequently.
Besides, due to bad shape of the road unbearable tail back appears in the road round the year. The people cannot reach at the offices and work place.
"The passenger caring bus from Bogura to Naogaon run in a fixed time but the long trailback lost their time and they try to cover the lost time driving fast, creates terrible road accident," said driver Masir Uddin under Shantaher area.
Assistant professor of Zahidur Rahman Mohila Collage at Goderpara area Tonser Ali PK said hundreds of students of his collage face difficulties getting to the collage, especially in the rainy season. He demanded immediate repair of the road.
Sub-assistance engineer of the Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) Reza said the road is in an awful condition. Last year, we repaired the road in the noted area but heavy rain collapse the road due to shortage of drainage system, he added.
High official of Roads and Highways Department (DAE) said more than Tk 1000 million has been allotted to extend and repair the road. The expanding work has already started from Naogaon to Bogra, they added.

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