Commuters suffer in absence of bridge over Nagor River in Adamdighi UZ

Our Correspondent | Published: January 09, 2018 00:21:31

BOGRA, Jan 8: Thousands commuters of 21 villages under Adamdighi upazila of Bogra district are mostly depend on bamboo made temporary bridge over Nagor River from two decades back.

The commuters suspect that the bridge may collapse anytime. A several accidents have been occurred for last two years. The authority concern don't heed on the incident yet.

According to local eyewitness, a bamboo bridge was made with volunteers to ease the communication system of schools, colleges and madrasahs going students along with thousands of common people of the district.

For being only transport route, a good number businessmen of Parshon, Jamalpur, Bongram, Irihara and Bashogram of Nandigram upazila and Chapapur, Bontor, Tarta, Boriabarta and Krisnapur villages of Adamdighi upazila of the district use the bamboo made bridge for their daily necessary work.

Meanwhile people of Parshon and Chapapur villages are the worst sufferer due to absence of concrete bridge over the river, causing serious setback for economic development. To transport heavy goods from the area they are to expend much money as they are to cross a long way as alternative of the bridge.

Motaher Hossain, 34, at Chapapur bazaar of Adamdighi upazila said, due to miseries condition of the bridge students, businessmen, teachers, passers-by, mass repetitive and local administration are enduring untold suffering for a long time due to negligence of authority concern.

"I am to run two times for going to school on the way taking life risk," said Sabina Yasmin, 12, a student of Chapapur High school. She urges to take immediate proper steps so that the student can go to school freely.

Upazila Engineering Department of Adamdighi said, "We have sought the effective step of authority concern to make a concrete bridge to render communication system for the commuters. If they can provide a concrete bridge over the river, the farmers can boost the economic condition immediately."

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