DAE officials suggest marketing mature fruits

Published: May 31, 2018 21:01:22

MEHERPUR, May 30 (UNB): Mouth-watering seasonal fruit litchi has started to hit the local markets of the region.

But the fruit lovers are being deprived of the original taste of the fruit as local farmers are plucking litchis before those are being matured. The farmers do so in the apprehension of fruits getting damaged by natural disaster.

The Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) officials in the district suggested the farmers to wait for some more days so that the fruits get matured and ripened properly.

Farmers said litchi cultivation is gaining momentum in the district with yearly increase in output and there are rich varietal diversities too - as different varieties of litchi including Ati, Bombay, Mozaffar and China-3 grow here.

Litchis from this district are going to different markets in Dhaka, Chattogram, Sylhet and Barishal, they said.

At least 4,700 tonnes of litchi is expected to be produced on 4,700 hectares of land, according to the local DAE office.

Talking to the news agency, several farmers said in the current season a huge number of fruits have fallen from the trees due to thundershower and excessive rain for which they will have to count losses.

In fear of further thundershower, they are plucking unripen fruits.

As unripe litchis are coming into the markets, fruit lovers have to compromise with the taste, consumers said.

DAE Deputy Director Dr Md Akhtaruzzaman said that farmers have been advised to market litchi a few more days later so that quality is maintained.

He also said that the current weather is suitable for litchi. "But, if people eat unripe litchi, they will not get full nutrients from the summer fruit as well as will be deprived of the taste," he added.

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