Delayed wheat procurement decision frustrates farmers

Our Correspondent | Published: May 19, 2019 16:43:01 | Updated: May 20, 2019 17:44:16

The Food Office has decided to start wheat procurement drive in Magura district soon, but farmers feel frustrated as the decision came after they have sold their produce.

In this connection, a good number of growers said an abundant wheat production was achieved in the district this season. The harvest completed about a month ago. Most of the growers have sold their produce.

"We don't have any wheat in our stock. If the government starts procurement drive who will be benefited from it?", they said.

The Department of Agriculture Extension sources said over 4,870 hectares of land were brought under wheat cultivation in the district this season and over 14,550 tonnes of wheat have been achieved.

District Food Office sources said a total of 532 tonnes of wheat will be procured from the farmers at the rate of Tk 28 per kg.

Shariful Islam of Nanduail village under Magura Sadar upazila said, "I sold all of produce at Tk 22 per kg about one month ago. Now the government will collect the crop at Tk 28 for per kg. I am frustrated about the whole situation."

Sekender Ali of Jagla village said government will procure wheat at higher price than the local market. But middlemen purchased most of the produce from the farmers a month ago. So they (middlemen) will be benefited from the government drive than the growers.

Magura district food controller Moinul Islam said, "Generally we purchase wheat from farmers by examining their farmers' card. The procurement drive is taking time to start for the delay in distributing the cards."


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