Fahim now turning fortune wheel of his family doing outsourcing work

Our Correspondent | Published: April 28, 2018 21:43:32

Fahimul Karim

MAGURA, Apr 28: Disabled Fahimul Karim is now turning the fortune wheel of his family with outsourcing work.
Fahimul is the son of Rezaul Karim in village Sitarampur under Magura sadar upazila. Fahimul as well as his parents dreamt to be a doctor as he was a meritorious student. When he was in class nine in 2012 a critical disease shattered his dream. His legs started to get thinner leaner from thin. Gradually he failed to move his body. Consequently he was dropped from school. But his poverty stricken father could not tolerate this misfortune of this beloved son.
By losing his property he sent his son to India for better treatment. But after examining Fahim doctor informed there is no chance to recovery as Fahim was attacked with incurable Duchene muscular disease. With broken heart Fahim returned home. His condition was deteriorating and in 2014 finally he became compelled to be seated on bed. Still now he has to go to bathroom with the help of his mother. Fahim was isolated from his companions.
But from his deepest thirst to learning he proposed to keep a house tutor for his learning. But his insolvent parents did not afford to agree with his proposal. Fahim was passing an idle and boring time. But he did not want to be defeated to his physical limitation. He determined to do something lying on bed. In 2016 he started to work with laptop and mastered the skill in graphics design. In February of 2017 he managed to earn 68 dollars with graphics work from outsourcing. From then he is earning regularly. In March of 2118 he earned 351 dollar.
Physically Challenged Fahim is now solvent with graphic work. Worst days of his family is over. When contacted Fahim's mother Hazera Khatun told, "Now we are thinking to purchase land in Magura town with Fahims earning. Earlier Fahim was a reason of tribulation in our family. But now he is turning fortune wheel of our family. Now we are not broken with physically challenged son, we are proud of him and he is our asset.
When contacted Fahim told, "I think man can do everything if is determined. I have overcome my physical complication with my indomitable mental spirit. But thousands of disabled children are still neglected in our society. I dream to do something for them."
When contacted Social Welfare department, Magura assistant director Jahid Alam told, In the meantime I have visited Fahim's house. Fahim is an inspiration to us. He is not only a struggling youth he has also dedication to the society. He has appealed to me to give him scope for standing by the disabled . In the meantime I have started processing to appoint him as outsourcing trainer in our department."

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