Farmers becoming self-reliant rearing goat commercially in Bogra

Published: January 06, 2018 21:39:24

BOGRA: A couple of farmers are bringing goats home after grazing them in an area under Dhunot upazila of Bogra district. — FE Photo

Our Correspondent
BOGRA, Jan 6: More than 200 families of Jamuna char area have become self-reliant rearing goat commercially under Dhunat upazila of Bogra district with assistance of local livestock offices.
According to the eyewitness of Jamuna basin the people who struggled with extreme poverty a decade back, have changed the socio-economic condition elsewhere the upazila. They urged the authority concern to expand the helping hand to the livestock sector.
The farmers of the area have no need of a grazing filed as they depend on river basin in the dried season. They have no need to invest extra money in purpose of feeding cost across the upazila as the river's basin turns into green during the period.
"I have no land to grow paddy or other crops and rear sheep round the year to manage the expenditure of my family," said farmer Zobbar Hossain, 34, at Baishakhi char area of the upazila. "I make over Tk 34,000 every year rearing a good number of sheep in my home based farm."
In a recent visit the correspondent found the shepherds are passing busy time to graze the grass in the basin of the Nagor, Bangalee and Jamuna River from the very early to late at night. The farmers are seen in happy mood as they are making handsome money investing trifling money.
Farm owner Solaiman Hossain, 45, under Radhanagar char area said, he bought five miniature goats with 6700 in a view to rear them last year and cost some Tk 500 to pay the medicine cost. His five goats have given birth of ten kids and sold them at Tk 20,000, he added.
District livestock officer Shahiduzzaman said, he personally inspires the poor and marginal farmers to rear goat commercially. He also provides all sort of necessary livestock-input among the interested farm owners in this season, he added.

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