Good catches of baghair in Jamuna River elate fishermen in Bogra's Dhunat upazila

Our correspondent | Published: December 21, 2017 14:27:13 | Updated: December 22, 2017 10:14:38

Baghair is being netted in plenty in Bogra's Dhunat upazila part of the Jamuna River every day: Photo: FE

Fishermen are getting a good catch of baghair, a tasty species of fish, in Bogra's Dhunat upazila part of the Jamuna River this year. 

Being happy with this, they do not want to waste any time on anything else and remain engaged in fishing round the clock.

A baghair fish being caught weighs 10 to 15 kg on an average. And the bigger ones of this species of fish are landing in the nets from midnight to early in the morning.

Hasinur Rahman Hawlader, 34, of Shahrabari said the amount of fishing baghair has exceeded all past records here this year. “We are fishing in small boats almost all the time every day.”

“I have caught six baghair fishes aided by three people,” said Mithu Mia, 54, of Bohain villagem adding: “I expect to sell those for Tk 15,000. It sells at Tk 700 to 800 per kg in the retail market.”

“On average, I can catch various species of fish, baghair, weighing 20 to 25 kg every day,” said Chandan Kumar, 32, of Shaharabari. “I fish with three nets in which four other people assist me.”

He said, “Big-sized baghair fish is being caught at night, especially from midnight to early in the morning every day.”

When visiting, this correspondent found people, including traders, coming from a far – Dupchanchia, Kahaloo, Adamdighi, Shibganj, Nandigra, Shajahanpur and Sherpur –to buy fresh fish, especially baghair.

Aratdar (wholesaler) Provash Chandra said, “We buy baghair fish for Tk 500-550 per kg and send those elsewhere in the country at a satisfactory price, of course meeting its demand locally.”

According to the wholesale fish trader, baghai fish is expected to abound in the river until January of the next year.

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