Growers fail to harvest paddy on 5,000 hectares of land

Our Correspondent | Published: May 13, 2018 20:58:47 | Updated: May 13, 2018 21:03:26

Labourers drying newly-harvested paddy on the bank of a waterbody in Sunamganj on Sunday — FE Photo

SYLHET, May 13: Farmers of Sunamganj district are in trouble as they could not able to harvest paddy on 5,000 hectares of land.

Sources said about 70 per cent of crop have already been harvested and the common farmers are expecting to complete the rest in a week.

According to reports, Karchar Haor in Biswambharpur upazila had gone inundated like that of the Chhayar Haor in Shulla upazila causing much for the peasants. Besides, lightning amid foul weather also has become another threat as it had already claimed at least 10 lives in the last 10 days.

Many farmers alleged that some inappropriately constructed embankments had caused much for the inundation after the recent rains. At least 50 embankments were constructed or reconstructed improperly in the name of crop protection structures, they claimed, several written complaints had already been lodged with the district authorities, but to no effect as yet.

Freedom fighter Alek Chowdhury of Derai upazila said, "We have already submitted list of the unnecessary schemes as the project implementation committees had misappropriated government funds in the name of crop protection embankments. These flawed structures had created waterlogging on the paddy fields after moderate rains."

These include Dakuar haor and Sandoar embankments, Joalbhanga haor bandh and Haluarghat embankment in Kurbannagar union of Sadar upzila, Habib [ur and Harinagar haor protection embankment and Niamatpur embankment in Shulla, Tangua and Shaliargaon bandh and Bakshipur to Milanganj embankments, Kathakhali to Jonika embankment in Derai upazila.

The DAE officials said about 70 per cent crop have already been harvested.

Locals said human chain was staged on March 13 alleging unnecessary embankment construction while complaints were lodged with the Water Development Board (WDB), but to no effect as yet.

A farmer of Jamalganj said, "We couldn't dry our harvested paddy as there had been no sunshine for the last 10 days. If it continues for more days, paddy would get germinated. Besides, about 50 per cent of my crop yet to be harvested for inundation", he said.

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