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High demand for flowers in Tangail

Buyers purchasing flowers at a shop on the Victoria Road Flower Market in Tangail town  	— FE Photo Buyers purchasing flowers at a shop on the Victoria Road Flower Market in Tangail town — FE Photo

TANGAIL Oct 08: Flowers traders in the district are doing brisk business due to high market demand.

Sources said there are more than 55 flower shops in the district town. About 30 flower shops are on Victoria Road and others are at different points in the town.

A good number of traders said a few years ago, the use of flower was limited. Flowers were used at different ceremonies like marriage, birthday and other big occasions only. Now, flower is one of the common items in different family, social and national functions.

Once the flower business was seasonal, now the business has been expanded for high market demand, said Niloy Saha, owner of a flower shop on Victoria Road.

"The flowers are in great demand on different special days like Eid, Puja, Pahela Baishakh, Pahela Flagoon, Valentine's Day, February 21, Independence Day and Victory Day," he added.

Demand of different flowers-especially marigold, tuberose, rose, gerbera-and different orchids are high, told Jahirul Islam, owner of Phool Bitan on Victoria Road.

The traders collect varieties of flowers from different districts like Jashore and Savar. A good amount of flowers are also collected from different gardens in the district, he added.

On the other hand, commercial flower cultivation is increasing in the district in the recent years due to high profit.

Noorjahan Begum of Kandila village under Tangail Sadar said she is growing gerbera on commercial basis. "I have also around 200 orchid plants of different varieties at my dwelling house", she added.

Noorjahan said she got around 3,500 flowers from her three gardens in a week during the season of gerbera from January to March.

The wholesale price of a gerbera is Tk 4.0 to Tk 5.0, she said.

According to the traders, a rose is selling at Tk 5.0 to Tk 15 and a marigold garland is selling at Tk 20 to Tk 30.

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