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Law enforcers seize 10 mounds of Hilsa fry

Law enforcers seize 10 mounds of Hilsa fry

The coast guard members seized 10 mounds of Hilsa fry and three fishing boats from Meghna River as part of Hilsha fish conservation drive.

Sunil Chandra Mazumdar, Senior Assistant Director of Lakhmipur District Fisheries Department, said the law enforcers arrested four fishermen, Md Sadek Hossian, Faruk Hossain, Jakir Hossian and Md Momin Ullah, all hailing from Bhola district, in a drive on Thursday morning.

The coast guard and fisheries department said in a bid to boost Hilsha output, the government imposed eight-month ban on catching fish fry, including jatka (Hilsa fry), from November 1 to June 30 in the Meghna River, reports a local news agency.

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