Mango buds in full bloom in Rajshahi, Rangpur

Our Correspondent | Published: February 21, 2018 00:30:24 | Updated: February 21, 2018 16:40:18

RAJSHAHI: Impressive blooming of mango buds in Bhabaniganj of Bagmara upazila. The photo was taken on Tuesday. — FE Photo

RAJSHAHI, Feb 20: Though it is early of the Bangla month of Falgun, mango buds in many trees of the district are in full bloom. The mango prospect also seems bright during the coming season in greater Rajshahi districts since there has been no bitter cold wave, fog and uncanny weather condition during the mango flower blooming season till now, informed officials of Mango Research Centres (Regional Horticulture Research Centre) in Chapainawabganj and Rajshahi.

According to the scientists of mango research centre in Chapainawabganj, till now the weather condition of Rajshahi region seems extremely suitable for maximum budding and flowering of mango trees. They informed, already a large number of local varieties of young-mangoes have started appearing from budding stage and they hoped, the upcoming season will be bright for mango farmers of the region.

Atiqur Rahman, senior scientific officer of Horticulture Research Centre informed, so far the climate of Rajshahi seems favourable for mango budding and this year there was an unprecedented percentage of mango budding elsewhere in the region. Already, most of the mango trees have been sprouted with buds and in some trees young mangoes are also emerging from many of those buds. 

Agricultural scientists, however, said, due to unwisely and untimely spraying of insecticides on mango trees, the production of mango in greater Rajshahi district is being hampered every year.

Dr. Alim Uddin, Senior Scientific Officer of Horticulture Research Centre informed, due to untimely use of insecticides on mango trees, buds and flowers of many mango trees wither away. Most of the mango farmers of the region have no idea which insecticides should be used in what time on their trees. They also have no idea about the quantity of spraying of insecticides. As a result, often their mango orchards bear meagre fruit or no fruit.

He further said, mango, which is termed as king of fruits has a tremendous demand in the country and abroad for its delicacy. Mango is also the chief cash crop for many farmers of Rajshahi region. Livelihood of thousands of farmers of the region depends on sound production of mango. But, due to ignorance and untimely use of pesticides on trees, production of mangoes is declining and growers are incurring massive loss.

Dr. Alim Uddin suggested, during the time of emergence, mango buds are attacked with hopper insect which consumes young mango flower and saps of buds. As a result, mango buds wither away.

Another pest called Anthacnos also attacked the mango buds and destroys those by turning black. The attack of this pest is so virulent that the entire mango tree might turn bleak without producing any fruit.

To get rid of the pest attack, Dr Alim Uddin has suggested two times timely spray on mango trees.

He said, while the bud emerges on the branches, insecticide Cypermethrin and anti-viral poison Mancose one milliliter each mixed with one litre of water should be sprayed all over the tree.

Dr. Alim Uddin said, the spray should be done at the budding stage not at the flowering stage.

Moreover, it should be done during bright sunlight. One of major cause of production loss of mango is spraying of insecticides at the flowering stage, he informed. In this connection, he said, during the flowering stage, a huge number of beneficial insects stormed at on the mango trees and help pollinating.

He also suggested a second spray on mango trees when young mangoes are about the size of a gram. The second time spraying also helps to save young mangoes from pest attacks. He also suggested two to three times of wetting the land with water under the mango tree to get the best production.

Dr. Alim Uddin also expressed the hope that the coming mango season seemed favourable for mango production because of the low day temperature of Rajshahi.

Meanwhile, our Rangpur correspondent adds: The blooming mango trees in different areas under the region have assumed a captivating eye-catching look with huge flowers signaling an excellent yield of the fleshy and juicy fruit during this year.

At the end of winter season the mango trees of the region began sprouting buds as a result the growers have become optimistic of attaining a bumper yield of their produce this season.

The Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) sources said mango cultivation has increased in the region and hundreds of people achieved financial solvency through it in recent years. At present the farmers have been caring as well as taking necessary steps to make mango cultivation successful everywhere.

Around 90 per cent of the mango trees in the orchards and homesteads have already bloomed in the region. DAE sources said, about more than 24,000 hectares of land have been brought under commercial mango cultivation in eight districts under the division this year.    

Many varieties including the sweetest ones like Haribhanga Lengra, Gopalbhog, Fazlee, Nak-fazlee, Amropali, Khirsapati, Mohanbhog, and Latkan are grown abundantly across the region, sources said.

Shamsul, a mango grower of Podaganj area at Mithapukur upazila under Rangpur district told The Financial Express that he has over 300 mango trees in his orchard. He has cultivated Haribhanga, Gopalbhog and Amropali varieties of mango. He is optimistic of achieving a good output of his produce this season.

Mofa Mia another mango grower of Dangapara village under the Taraganj upazila said, around 95 per cent mango trees have bloomed so far in his orchard predicting a bumper production of it this season. He is hopeful of achieving good profit by selling the fruit in markets. Last year he also earned Tk 0.2 million from its sale which satisfactory, he further said. 

DAE Rangpur sources said as lucrative item mango cultivation on the rise in the region during last few years. Farmers have already started taking adequate preparations to make mango farming a success. If the extent of seasonal nor'wester remains within the tolerable limit, there is a huge possibility of achieving a record bumper production of all varieties of mango this year, sources added.

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